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Forward Music Group

Now here is a group promoting New Brunswick artists: From their website: “The goal of the Forward Music Group is to further the careers of East Coast musicians and bring more focus to the New Brunswick music scene. The agency focuses on the management and the booking roles for artists associated with Forward.” Forward Music […]

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The Gods MUST Be Crazy

Last night I caught the last half of The Gods Must Be Crazy on APTN. One of my favourite movies of all time, this low budget flick is a must see. Funny as any modern day movies, with a great story and some great life lessons I can watch it over and over. I certainly […]

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Great Canadian TV

I (along with apparently 2 million other people) caught the premiere of CBC’s “Little Mosque on the Prairie“. Laughed my ass off! Great show and highly recommended. I was quite surprised as CBC had hyped up this show quite a bit and I was expecting to be disappointed (as I usually am when things are […]

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Java – are we worrying about the wrong things?

Down to earth post on focusing on the basics and remembering what is really important. It is so easy to get carried away or distracted with things that don’t really matter much in the grand scheme of things. The Art and Craft of Great Software Architecture and Development: Java – are we worrying about the […]

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Keeping informed in New Brunswick

Living in New Brunswick, it is sometimes hard to get some real information about what is going on around the province. With one company owning all of the major newspapers in the province, there is only one perspective or lens that stories are reported on. Luckily CBC still does exist in NB and sometimes it […]

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Failures of Java Media Framework

Last night I read a depressing series of articles by Chris Adamson at OReilly detailing the weaknesses and failures of JMF and what the consequences are. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 An interesting read…. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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