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House Arrest????

I really can’t believe this!!! A local Fredericton man drives drunk, kills somebody, pleads guilty and get two years of house arrest??? Jeeeezzz you would probably get a harsher sentence from smoking pot or borrowing somebody’s wireless network. It certainly doesn’t give the indication that drinking and driving (and killing while doing so) is frowned […]

March 30th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Misc, New Brunswick | no comments

Looking for a programming job? Looking for a programmer?

Here is a great guide to interviewing programming candidates. It covers five screening questions to ensure that new hires are well rounded and competent programmers. I’m not sure how I would fare but I would certainly use some of these questions if I was looking for somebody. I guess that the questions could be used […]

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Interested in Nokia N800 development???

Here is an easy way to get up and running with Nokia N800 development. Here is a VMWare image containing Ubuntu and all of the required N800 development tools (scratchbox, xephyr, etc.) pre-configured for you. I’m downloading it as we speak. This will simplify things greatly compared to trying to get a development environment up […]

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Sizing Up Open Source Java Persistence

Sick of painstakingly writing your own JDBC code? Ever wonder what options are out there in terms of Java Persistence? This article covers the major Java Persistence frameworks and tries to compare them in terms of flexibility, complexity and performance. One disappointment with the article was the lack of comparison to EJB3. Sizing Up Open […]

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