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June 29th gets even better

All I can say is Holy Crap!!! Check this out. My favourite map website Google maps introduces multi destination routing and dynamic changes to route. Check out the video and try it out at Google Maps. Very impressive and powerful. Related Posts:Google Maps 5.0 for Android UpdatesGoogle Maps Labs – mapping experimentsGoogle Maps API introduces […]

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June 29th, 2007 : A great day for tech???

The news wires are abuzz today with Apple’s release of their much anticipated iPhone. There are definitely enough Apple fans to make this product at least a moderate success. The fact that it is not using 3G networks, is only currently available in the US and the fact that there is no way to develop […]

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Sports update

I managed to watch a little bit of the NBA draft last night. Seeing as Toronto didn’t have any picks this year, my interest level wasn’t too high. The Raptors did make a last minute trade for #58 pick for a draft pick next year. I didn’t get to watch much NCAA basketball this spring […]

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