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New Linux Skype Beta released

There is a new Linux Skype beta available. Actually there are two since a hotfix ( was released a week after the initial update. The nicest feature from my point of view is the automatic adjustment of sound level adjustment and minimized startup. A full changelist is available here. I haven’t had much time to […]

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Creating a GTK app in Java using java-gnome

1) Install java-gnome On a Fedora 7 system : run “yum install libgnome-java” which will bring in glib-java, libgtk-java and perhaps cairo-java packages. 2) In Eclipse create a new Java project. 3) Add the java-gnome jar files to the project (on Fedora 7 these are gtk2.8.jar, glib0.2.jar and gnome2.12.jar in the /usr/share/java directory). Note that […]

August 14th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Eclipse, Java, Linux, Tech | one comment

Saint John, NB – Number 3 shipping port

I learned something new while glancing over Statistics Canada report on Canadian port activity. Saint John, NB is number three after Vancouver, BC and Come-by-Chance, NF. Now I was not at all surprised by Vancouver taking first place especially since it is the only major Canadian port on the west coast and as such it […]

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