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And the markets crumble down….

It looks like the markets are definitely in correction territory now. At one point today, the TSX was down over 500 points! Luckily for people still invested, it recovered to close “only” 200 points down on record volume of over 700 million shares. Financials and resource stocks seem to be the hardest hit as the […]

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Bears taking down the market or is this a buying opportunity?

What a ride for the stock markets. The TSX composite have dropped more than 1000 points over the last month. It has dropped almost 200 points today alone. Is this a simple correction? If so what percentage correction are we looking at? 15% perhaps? Perhaps this is the precursor to a recession. The subprime mortgage […]

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NancyJon – Jonnie Java Roasters

It appears that Fredericton is getting its own micro coffee roaster! Nancy and Jon from Paradise Imports on York Street (near King) are starting in-store roasting of fair trade beans. I will definitely have to try it out once it opens. Having lived near the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and having access to fresh […]

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New Linux Skype Beta released

There is a new Linux Skype beta available. Actually there are two since a hotfix ( was released a week after the initial update. The nicest feature from my point of view is the automatic adjustment of sound level adjustment and minimized startup. A full changelist is available here. I haven’t had much time to […]

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Creating a GTK app in Java using java-gnome

1) Install java-gnome On a Fedora 7 system : run “yum install libgnome-java” which will bring in glib-java, libgtk-java and perhaps cairo-java packages. 2) In Eclipse create a new Java project. 3) Add the java-gnome jar files to the project (on Fedora 7 these are gtk2.8.jar, glib0.2.jar and gnome2.12.jar in the /usr/share/java directory). Note that […]

August 14th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Eclipse, Java, Linux, Tech | one comment

Saint John, NB – Number 3 shipping port

I learned something new while glancing over Statistics Canada report on Canadian port activity. Saint John, NB is number three after Vancouver, BC and Come-by-Chance, NF. Now I was not at all surprised by Vancouver taking first place especially since it is the only major Canadian port on the west coast and as such it […]

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Openstreetmap: How to start contributing

Openstreet map is an open and free map source that can be used in applications, websites or for any other purpose that you can imagine. Why? “What’s the point?” you might ask. I can just use Google or Yahoo maps and just use their API to serve my needs. Although Google Maps and Yahoo Maps […]

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Web site visibility down the drain???

After attempting to get my site some visibility via search engines and good web practices, I noticed that last week my traffic seemed to die down somewhat (not that there was THAT much traffic to start off with). This coincided somewhat with my change of WordPress themes so I began by looking at that and […]

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