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Android Developer’s phones now available

Looking to develop applications for Android but don’t want to get a contract with T-Mobile or like me, can’t sign up with T-Mobile due to geographical constraints in order to get an HTC G1 Android phone to develop with?

Google’s Android Dev Phone 1

The Android Dev Phone 1 from Google is essentially an HTC G1 which is SIM unlocked and hardware-unlocked. At $399 USD, the Dev phone is more expensive than what you would pay to get a G1 from T-Mobile but without a contract and restricted hardware and software, the Dev Phone should appeal quite a bit to developers interested in developing for Android.

The bootloader that come with the Dev Phone is unrestricted and in addition, the bootloader does not enforce the requirement for signed system images as does the T-Mobile G1 smartphone. This open bootloader open the possibility of customizing the Android framework itself or perhaps even booting into a different OS on an Android based device.

Available around the world

One of the largest limitations of the T-Mobile’s HTC G1 exclusivity was that interested consumers and developers couldn’t get their hands on Android based phones unless they were located in the United States. With the Android Dev Phone, Google is making the phone available to 18 countries including the US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, India and Japan.

In order to order the phone, one must be registered with the Android Marketplace for a one-time fee of $25.

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