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Android is taking over the mobile OS market

After 7 months on the market, Samsung announced that it has reached the sales milestone of 10 million Galaxy S Android phones. This might pale in comparison to Apple’s achievement of 14.1 million iPhone sales in its fourth quarter but this remains a remarkable achievement and a definite indication that the Android market has reached a critical mass and is a platform that needs to be considered when developing mobile applications.

Android becomes the leading smartphone OS

The Galaxy, Motorola’s Droid and other phones have led Android to become the leading mobile OS for new smartphones while tablets such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and even devices such as Logitech’s Google TV Revue imply that there is an ever greater market out there for Android apps.

There are always uncertainties in the market such as Apple’s next move (perhaps to new carriers, new iOS version), how RIM’s new Blackberry OS releases or its upcoming Playbook will be accepted or how HP will handle Palm’s Pre and its WebOS but it is clear that Android is going to be a major player and is not going to let Apple run away with the mobile OS market.

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