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Batten down the hatches – Noel is on its way….

Although no longer classified as a hurricane but a post-tropical storm, Noel is headed for the Maritimes and headed my way.

It has been raining since 5 o’clock and the wind has really picked since 7 o’clock. The forecast is calling for up to 100 mm of rain and winds up to 120 km/h which is hurricane force winds. At 10 pm, Environment Canada is measuring gusts of wind up to 65 km/h in Fredericton and gusts of 74 km/h in Saint John.

Luckily right now, the tides are not near maximal and so the storm surge on the coast shouldn’t be too much of a problem although with forecasts of 12 -13 metres waves there may still be some issues.

I simply hope that New Brunswick and Nova Scotia come through unscathed and there is not too much to clean up over the next couple of days. With hurricane Juan, we saw what kind of devastation a storm of this magnitude can bring. Already at 10:30 pm, NB Power is reporting that over 3000 customers in NB are without power with 2000 of those in Fredericton. With the storm intensifying over the next few hours and overnight, I have a feeling that I’ll be losing power.

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