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Blip.fm – All those blipping DJs and their music….

Are looking to listen to some new music or perhaps some of your old favourites?

Do you enjoy sharing your latest discovery with your buddies or perhaps reminisce over an “classic” tune?

Have you ever wondered if you were the only person in the world that still liked to listen to an obscure band like the Dead Milkmen?

Blip.fm just might be for you….

Be your own DJ on Blip.fm

Blip.fm allows you to search for songs and artists via a handy search box. Once a song is chosen, a Flash based media player will play the chosen song for you and will allow you to “Blip” the song. By blipping a song, a user must add a comment about the song (though some simply put a blank space). Over time, the series of blips creates a music stream which is in effect a personalized playlist with a running commentary.

Blip.fm sources tracks from files stored in publicly accessible locations and indexed by sites such as Seeqpod and Skreemr and so the songs which you play are available to others to listen to the same songs as well. Blip also has an upload function which allows you to upload songs which you would like to (and are legally allowed to) share.

Share and communicate

In Twitter fashion it is possible to follow other users and see their running tracklist as well as let others view your songlist. You can also reply to users entries by using the @username convention that Twitter uses. In this fashion, you can have ongoing conversations, suggest new songs or just let somebody know how much you like (or perhaps dislike) their choices.

It is also possible to view the entire Blip.fm music stream which shows all the blips that users are currently listening to. This can make for interesting viewing as you can see a very wide variety of music being blipped. There are typically obscure artists and tracks and international music mixed in with the more mainstream choices blipped by users.

Buying the blips

Blip.fm makes it possible to buy the MP3 that are blipped through Amazon’s music store. I assume that Blip gets a referral fee from Amazon when purchases are made. Unlike the Squidoo business model, the “DJs” blipping the songs and in effect generating the blip.fm content, don’t get any compensation but the ability to discover and listen to new and old music is most likely reward enough to keep users coming back to the site.

Be your own DJ

Give it a shot and check out my playlist at http://blip.fm/ddamours. Warning: it is addictive.

You’ll probably be listening to songs that you haven’t heard or thought of in ages as well as discover some new songs that are bound to become your future “classics”.

Have fun!

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August 22nd, 2008 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Entertainment, Tech | 2 comments


  1. Very cool. I’ll have to check it out!

    Comment by Josh | August 22, 2008

  2. Hello
    ddamours, I am a fifty something woman who was turned on to blip by my thirty something child. I am in love with blip. I have learned so much about music other than the ones that I know. This mothers day my son got me speakers for my computer that allows me to listen to Blip in the rest of the house…I am ecstatic over this.
    I have so many albums, cassettes and CD’s and most of them are gone and Blip allows me to go anywhere I want to go which is what us children of the seventies like to do. I don’t really play the music so that I will get followers but I do hope if I like something than someone else will be turned onto it.
    I hope a lot more people listen to Blip because than we will find out that there is a bunch of music that we didn’t know about.
    Starkat (Blip)

    Comment by k hoffman | May 18, 2011

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