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Busing 101 – Good for a laugh

I had to laugh at Kelly Lamrock‘s (the education minister here in New Brunswick) quote today in the Daily Gleaner.

First a bit of background : Recently the school district 18 here in Fredericton announced a change in policy with regards to busing students after school. Effectively, buses will no longer drop off students at locations outside of the individual school’s busing boundaries. The school district was never obliged to provide this service in the past but it had “generously” performed this service for parents. This change in policy has raised a lot of concern from parents who have relied on busing their children from school to after school programs some of which will no longer be accessible without some alternative arrangements such as a taxi or shuttle. There are petitions to reverse the rules. Also, there is a french school in the Fredericton region.

In the article Busing 101, some parents are claiming that there is a double standard in that the French school (which is run under its own school district) won’t have the same rules as the English schools. Lamrock says:

“One has to be very careful when one raises the language card because if one wanted exactly the same situation I would say, sure,” he told The Daily Gleaner.

“If parents would tolerate one anglophone school in the entire district of Fredericton then its (drop off) zone would be the entire district,” he said.
Lamrock said he seriously doubts that parents are asking him to close all but one anglophone school in District 18.
“If you are going to compare, you have to compare everything,” he said. “You can’t take half of the comparison.”

I just had to laugh…  I’m increasingly glad that I voted for him.

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