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Canada finally get Android paid apps and the Nexus One

After a long wait, Canadian can fully get aboard the Google Android train. Google has announced that Canada will get paid apps and that the Nexus One is available on Rogers in Canada as well as also being available on AT&T’s network. The Nexus One is available in Canada for $529 USD from http://www.google.com/phone, As did our American friends, you need to create a Google Checkout account to purchase the phone.

Previously, Canadian developers were prevented from putting their Andoid applications for sale on the Android Marketplace. Hopefully the increased international availability of the Android Marketplace, the platform and the Nexus One will increase the availability of applications and adoption of the Android by phone manufacturer and users alike. Developers might also have more incentive to develop for Android with a larger target user base.

As an open mobile platform, Android is different from the iPhone where every application is vetted by Apple and users can only go through Apple’s app store to get applications. Android Marketplace showcases Android applications but users and developers are not forced into using the Marketplace. This differentiator can be very important to some folks. Indeed it appears that Android’s open platform has already attracted a new high profile employee in Tim Bray.

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