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GNOME 2.20 Released

Gnome 2.20 the latest version of the popular Linux desktop environment was released today. GNOME 2.20 Release Notes Although there is nothing in particular in this release that cries out to me to upgrade immediately, there are definitely some nice improvements such as improvement to gnome-keyring, evince offering interactive PDF forms, performance improvements and improved […]

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Fedora 8 Test 2 released

Last Thursday Fedora 8 Test 2 (aka F8T2 aka 7.91) was released. Included in the test is the defaulting of PulseAudio as the sound system as well as disabling X Font Service (xfs) by default. Fedora 8 which is scheduled to be released in early November is slated to include Gnome 2.20, Eclipse 3.3, rsyslog […]

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Modest – New maemo email client

Word has it that a new email client is being developed by Nokia for the maemo platform which is used on the N800 and 770 Internet tablets. According to Murray Cummin, the new client will use Tinymail under the covers which itself uses a modified version of Camel which is the library that Evolution uses […]

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OpenJDK success

When Sun released OpenJDK, I thought that I would give it a spin to try it out. I ended up getting frustrated with all of the dependencies and tweaks that were required to get it to build properly especially on my Fedora system. That was on build 12 I believe. I remember reading that the […]

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New Linux Skype Beta released

There is a new Linux Skype beta available. Actually there are two since a hotfix ( was released a week after the initial update. The nicest feature from my point of view is the automatic adjustment of sound level adjustment and minimized startup. A full changelist is available here. I haven’t had much time to […]

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Creating a GTK app in Java using java-gnome

1) Install java-gnome On a Fedora 7 system : run “yum install libgnome-java” which will bring in glib-java, libgtk-java and perhaps cairo-java packages. 2) In Eclipse create a new Java project. 3) Add the java-gnome jar files to the project (on Fedora 7 these are gtk2.8.jar, glib0.2.jar and gnome2.12.jar in the /usr/share/java directory). Note that […]

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Skype for the Nokia N800 is here

Yesterday Nokia released a new Nokia N800 firmware. As previously discussed, this update includes Skype (voice only). It also includes Flash version 9 which opens up a lot of websites to viewing including YouTube. I’ve tried out the echo service with Skype and it seems to work pretty well. We will see how it works […]

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Thought UDP and TCP was whole story in the world of IP transport protocols??? I just came across mention of UDP-Lite in the release notes of Linux kernel 2.6.20. UDP-Lite it turns out is a modified version of UDP which will attempt to deliver partial or mangled packets instead of simply dropping them as in […]

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