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Fredericton in 3D – Google Earth

Fredericton, New Brunswick has been featured as a Google Earth Cities in 3D success story. In January 2010 over 100 3D representations of buildings were added to Google Earth. These models are photo-textured and have quite a bit of detail in them. The City of Fredericton in collaboration with the nearby Canadian Forces Base Gagetown’s […]

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Android Fragmentation : Can it be prevented?

The Android mobile platform has a lot going for it. It has a large mind share thanks in part to its huge backer, Google. Android also has something that Apple’s iPhone platform lacks: Diversity in devices and vendors. The Open Handset Alliance which backs the Android platform consists of 65 members from various parts of […]

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Research In Motion buys QNX

Research in Motion makers of the ever popular Blackberry has announced that it has purchased QNX Software Systems from Harman international. QNX which is based in Ottawa, Ontario was formed in 1980 and is a leading provider of embedded systems. QNX has a very strong real-time operating system (RTOS) and has especially been a strong […]

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Will Internet Explorer 9 provide some browser competition?

Will Internet Explorer 9 finally pose a challenge to the technically superior upstart web browsers from Google, Mozilla and Apple? Microsoft recently revealed a platform preview of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser at its MIX10 conference. The preview browser is far from complete with a lot of the user interface components such […]

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Canada finally get Android paid apps and the Nexus One

After a long wait, Canadian can fully get aboard the Google Android train. Google has announced that Canada will get paid apps and that the Nexus One is available on Rogers in Canada as well as also being available on AT&T’s network. The Nexus One is available in Canada for $529 USD from http://www.google.com/phone, As […]

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Google Maps Labs – mapping experiments

Google has recently introduced a new and interesting Labs feature for its popular Google Maps service. In the same fashion as its Google Labs offering, Google Maps Labs allows users to opt-in to beta versions of features currently in development or testing. By clicking on the little green beaker in the top right hand corner […]

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Sneak peak of Nokia RX-51 aka Nokia N900

Mobile review provided a sneak peak at the soon to be released Nokia RX-51 aka Nokia N900. This new internet tablet / phone which has also been referred to as Rover, is a follow on to their N810 internet tablet which received critical acclaim but remained more of a niche product with out the phone […]

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Free and Open Government Information Online : How About It Canada?

The Obama administration is making a huge effort to open up gov’t information online. Will Canada follow?

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