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Changes: Google Adsense and Andreas04 2.0

Added Google Adsense and changed WordPress theme to Andreas04 2.0

After procrastinating for a while, I finally changed the default wordpress theme to Andreas04 2.0. This theme appears a lot nicer than the default, it puts in random images from a specified directory and it allows a lot more customization than the default theme.

I did have to tweak with the footer.php as it wasn’t properly calling the wp_footer() method which effectively broke my Ultimate Google Analytics plugin. All that was required was to add "<?php wp_footer(); ?>" to footer.php and now everything appears to work properly.

I have also signed up for and added Google Adsense to the site for fun. With the amount of traffic I get, I’ll be lucky if I make a quarter a month off of it but I’m curious as to what kind of ads will show up there and how closely related it will be to the content of my posts. If it gets too annoying, I’ll simply remove them.

There is a wordpress plugin called adsense-manager which claims to simplify and manage adsense advertising, but as soon as I tried to activate it, my plugins wouldn’t show anymore. I tried changing back to the default theme thinking that it might be theme related but that did not seem to help so I have just pasted the adwords code in by hand for now.

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