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Chrome 8 beta features

The browser wars are still in full swing with major browser implementers fighting for which company can bring the fastest and most compatible web browsing experience for users. The status of the ongoing battle can be judged by looking at the recent release of Microsoft’s IE9 previews, Firefox 4 beta release and now Google has released a Chrome 8 beta which has many nice and intriguing new features.

WebGL support

These features include support for Web GL specification which aims to bring plugin-free 3D to the web. All major browser vendors except for Microsoft are part of the WebGL Working Group and so it is anticipated that eventually the specification will be supported by most browsers.

Hardware acceleration

Along with WebGL support, the new Chrome update support hardware acceleration which lets your graphics card offload any graphics intensive processing from your CPU in an effort to speed up web page display times.

Chrome Instant

The most innovative introduction to Chrome is a feature called Instant which like Google’s instant search feature predictively begins to load and display pages or web sites as you type in the URL. Instant will also take advantage of URL search auto-completion from Google Instant to complete URLs as you type based on Google’s search volumes.  It will take some time to see how this feature works in the wild and whether it becomes an annoyance or a pleasure to use.  I anticipate that if you are on a fast network connection, Chrome Instant will be a nice enhancement to an already solid browser.

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