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Collaboration on the internet – wikis.sun.com

I came across this posting from Sun’s Director of Web Technologies Tim Bray announcing the new site http://wikis.sun.com. This site is a wiki “ranch” and allows employees and groups at Sun to collaboratively work with external partners and the public at large.

This site might appear to have some similarities with http://blogs.sun.com but wikis are a much more collaborative and potentially more promising development. As opposed to sharing ideas with the world via a blog and having some feedback via comments, a wiki can allow multiple users to create documents, plans, ideas or data. If we look at wikipedia, it is easy to see the power of the wiki.

For now, employees from Sun must go through a request process to create their own wiki space but once created, they can assign specific users with editing access while anonymous users will automatically have read access and the ability to comment.

It will be quite interesting to see what comes out of this development and corporate wiki ranches in general. Obviously many corporate managers will be scared of inappropriate disclosure of confidential information but in reality there is currently nothing preventing leaks of information via private blogs and wikis. By having the wiki infrastructure available to employees, it is more likely to be used and it can be monitored much more closely for ideas and inappropriate disclosures.

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