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End of Intelligence?

I’ve previously blogged about my fondness for the TV show Intelligence and after the great season finale in December, I now have a free block of time on Monday nights.

Apparently I was not the only one complaining about CBC’s lack of advertising and promotion of the show on its network especially prior to the season premiere. The creator of Intelligence, Chris Haddock also points to the lack of promotion as a part of the reason for relatively poor ratings for Intelligence and goes on to accuse CBC of trying to bury the show.

Indeed, it appears that the CBC is unwilling to commit to renewing the series for another season. Judging from message boards and posts, viewers of the show REALLY like it and are passionate about it but I guess if the ratings aren’t high enough, the CBC doesn’t care.

Is there any hope that the CBC will come to its senses and bring back Intelligence for a third season???

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January 16th, 2008 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Entertainment, Media | 154 comments


  1. INTELLIGENCE lives up to its name. Best Canadian show ever. Better than the Sopranos. As good as The Wire. The folks at CBC are beginning to act like the American networks. Be warned! No one watches network TV anymore. The US streams what it wants to watch and without all those dumb commercials. Thank you Netflix!

    Comment by Jean Montanti | August 13, 2012

  2. Great series! Bring it back ahh?

    Comment by Lanjett | August 11, 2017

  3. Many of the shows actors are from another great Canadian masterpiece, Da Vinci’s inquest. I am passionately hoping they will come to their senses and develop many more seasons. The writing of street life and the turning of many persons is up there with The Shield.

    Comment by Rowen Gray | August 19, 2017

  4. Is there going to be a series 3? When ?

    Comment by Hollie krementz | August 23, 2017

  5. Another yank down south wishing for season 3…great plots…great acting…great characters…not the same old junk you see on networks…also glad Netflix recommended it

    Comment by Ed | August 25, 2012

  6. WOW – just finished the series. It’s cancellation is nothing less than a crime 😉 Do wonder about that–too many uncomfortable moments for the government? Which one, maple leaf, stars & stripes, yellow stars, or all three?

    It was way too tight to have its cancellation look anything other than suspicious, whatever the reason.

    Comment by Sheila | August 29, 2012

  7. I absolutely love this show. Recvd a copy of the DVD from uncle who 1st saw it while he was in Israel. I really hope they come back in the air with season 3. Must know what happened with Jimmy? Hoping he had in that vest. : )

    Comment by Cook | February 23, 2014

  8. Why oh why do the networks always cancel anything decent and leave on the inane reality shows and shows about death and depravity? For the first time in my life I am considering giving up completely!!!

    Comment by Laurel | April 18, 2014

  9. I watched season 1 & 2 of A Canadian Drama Intelligence. Can’t believe there will not more episodes. That is a real Cliff Hanger killing Jimmy off. Would love to see more of this drama. The cast id splendid….

    Comment by Nan | May 21, 2015

  10. The brilliant Chris Haddock (Canadian) who created the Intelligence series is now working on live theatre, mixed media productions, plus working on American TV shows.

    Canada has a long history of missing the boat with its creative geniuses, so there is the brain drain to the USA. I think of comedians such as Jim Carey, John Candy, and Martin Short. – Nanaimo, B. C.

    Comment by Madeline A. Bruce | May 21, 2015

  11. For you fans of Intelligence the CBC has a new program called the Romeo Section and it has many of the same cast members and I believe many of the same production staff. Here is part of what it say’s about the program:

    From acclaimed showrunner Chris Haddock (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Intelligence), THE ROMEO SECTION is an hour-long serialized espionage drama set in Vancouver. It follows spymaster Professor Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly manages a roster of espionage assets.

    I’ve already become a devote fan. Hope you can tune in and see what our wonderful Canadian TV folks have come up with.
    If you want to watch on-line here is the link. http://www.cbc.ca/romeosection/

    Hope you enjoy this new program from our CBC! David G.

    Comment by David Gerrior | November 21, 2015

  12. Just finished watching season 1 &2 of Intelligence and found it riveting. I can not believe the CBC cancelled it so many years ago and some smart Network like HBO or Showtime or FOX didn’t pick it up right away! Bad decision! Especially gauging by all the comments here so many years after the shows demise. Hopefully it’s still not too late.

    Comment by Karen Kunkel | December 31, 2015

  13. Chris Haddock’s The Romeo Section – 10 episodes – has just finished airing on CBC television. This had an even faster pace than Intelligence. The Vancouver Chinatown theme added a new, exotic dimension. There was a larger, international theme of what is happening economically, especially in Vancouver, B. C. and how the illegal drug trade and the vast amounts of money involved in that get laundered into property and legitimate businesses in British Columbia, from Vancouver and suburbs and moving up the sunshine coast as far as Powell River and Lund, B. C. and how this is changing the very culture of Canada.

    Comment by Madeline A. Bruce | December 31, 2015

  14. Just watched Season 1&2 of Intelligence back to back on Netflix, the best drama ive ever seen but absolutely gutted that seemingly Jimmy Reardon was killed off & even more so to .learn there will not be a season 3. Why oh why does this always happen, you get a brilliant drama like this, then no more!!! It’s ridiculous when we see Law & Order, NCIS, Simpsons & loads more utter rubbish on TV. It’s a real shame

    Comment by Helen Owen | July 24, 2017

  15. Just watched a fantastic drama, Season 1&2 of Intelligence back to back on Netflix but absolutely gutted to learn that there will not be a season 3. Always the same when You watch a great drama, then it’s abandoned , this one with the main character Jimmy Reardon seemingly killed off, leaving all of us in limbo!!! Instead now all we have to watch is Law & Order. nCIS, Simpsons & such like utter rubbish!!!

    Comment by Helen Owen | July 24, 2017

  16. CBS never advertised this great show, so if the ratings were low it was due to lack of knowledge to the public. This show gave insight to the average person to the entanglements of the drug world. Mistake not continuing.

    Comment by pat gardiner | July 25, 2017

  17. Love this show. I’m searching the web in hopes of finding some trace that there will be a third season. Apparently not, nevertheless a great show onto watch on Netflix.

    Comment by Chris | July 28, 2017

  18. Found the series intelligence on Netflix, really cool show. It’s so refreshing to see such strong plot lines and characters. Not as violent as their US counterparts. Would love to see it continue for a 3rd series.

    Comment by Gara | July 31, 2017

  19. WICKED Series! Watches both seasons in 3 days!

    Comment by Harold Smith | August 1, 2017

  20. This has been one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched. Not sure why you don’t have more seasons of it. Please continue with the story because the ending of Season 2 was not good enough! So much more to the story-line to be told!

    Comment by Lisa | August 3, 2017

  21. Just finished the last episode of Intelligence last night on Netflix UK. I went into it knowing there would not be a third season, but had I known how attached I would become to the characters and the story line, I probably would have spared myself having to grieve the loss of them – especially Jimmy. Just plain great crime drama. I’m gutted.

    Comment by Jonie Sutherland | August 6, 2017

  22. Best show ever ,loved players and Jim can’t die

    Comment by Elizabeth Walter | August 6, 2017

  23. Amazingly well written series no wonder its been canceled anything with substance just a sure fire for cancellation i feel cheated knowing thats it damn!

    Comment by VICKI | August 7, 2017

  24. I very rarely watch Canadian made tv shows because they are usually junk. Watched Intelligence and could not believe it was Canadian made! This was a very engaging, fast paced, well written, directed and the characters very well played! Loved it! Not sure who makes these decisions, but they’re not very good at it.

    Comment by Lorise | August 9, 2017

  25. I’m in the US just now binge-watching “Intelligence” on Netflix. Please -someone!- pick it up again!!! Even though it is years later.

    Comment by Judy | August 9, 2017

  26. I just finished the 2 seasons of “Intelligence” and i am very much impressed that canadians can produce something this exciting. Very fast-paced and thrilling. Much better than most of the tv shows in the U.S. Big Mistake for canelling it. You guys need to pick up from where you left off even though it’s been awhile. I would’nt have known about it if not for Netflix. Please…. Season 3!!!!

    Comment by santi reyes | August 9, 2017

  27. I agree,this was a well scripted show with great acting & the cast was spot-on. A show that should have at the very least 10 seasons. Usually after a few seasons the script becomes over the top or a bit rediculous in an obvious attempt to keep the viewers but ‘Intellegence’ was captivating at every turn.

    Comment by Nance | August 10, 2017

  28. Need a season 3. Netflix we are counting on you.

    Comment by Jon Cathey | August 10, 2017

  29. I have just finished binge-watching this fantastic show on netflix, and am hoping there will be another season! I am Canadian and live in Victoria BC, only a 15 minute flight from Vancouver – this show is very realistic with great actors/ characters. PLEASE bring this show back to life – it is far better than more other television content!!!

    Comment by Marg | August 11, 2017

  30. Best series I have watched in a long time! It is unbelievable that CBC cancelled it! I guess that’s what happens when there is no profit motive. A real tragedy.

    Comment by Victor | August 11, 2017

  31. WOW , great series, need season three.Hurry don’t let Jimmy die on the stree.

    Comment by Alan | August 11, 2017

  32. The cheesy awkwardness of some of the . . . Less skilled actors is part of this show’s Beachcomber-esque charm. It is still a terrific show, and the only thing in 30 years to make me feel nostalgic about Vancouver. THAT is cinematic magicianship!

    I shouldn’t have let myself start. It is just like the CBC to do exactly the wrong thing. The show is good–it must die.

    I call for a boycott on future CBC endeavours. I vow to heed my own boycott. I don’t care if I’m the only one. It will be a complete success if I save myself the future disappointment of their cancelling good shows leaving me high and dry.

    Comment by Brenton C | August 11, 2017

  33. So exciting, so catchy and so Canadian. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Waiting for more.

    Comment by Meena Bhandari | August 12, 2017

  34. We really loved this show. Looks like it has a growing number of dedicated watchers. I think it is really cruel to end a series on such a wicked cliff hanger. Have a heart (and make some money too) bring on at the least a season 3.


    Comment by Marian | August 13, 2017

  35. Watched all the episodes on Netflix. Great show, great stories, great writing. Riveting. WTF! Cancelled? Unreal. Did the CBC bring in a bunch of NBC clowns to run network?

    Comment by Tom May | August 14, 2017

  36. Just finished watching the 2nd season & can’t believe there isn’t a 3rd!!!! This has to be one of the best shows ever and cannot believe you are going to let Jimmie die!!!! You have enough of those dumb reality shows. How about giving this show a chance? It is a GOOD show!

    Comment by Frank Enas | August 14, 2017

  37. I just finished watching the two seasons on Netflix,loved the series!,I was disappointed there was no season three.Thanks Netflix,first time viewing Canadian tv,It was a great!! Thanks,Mary from Mn.US

    Comment by Mary | August 15, 2017

  38. Just finished the second season…it really is disappointing that there is not a season 3. It was a great show, great characters! Come on CBC…don’t be stupid!! REVIVAL TIME…don’t let Jimmy die! Why couldn’t it have been Francine…Stella needs her Dad! let us mourn with Sweet and Ronnie!! BAD, BAD decision to cancel.

    Comment by Pamela | August 18, 2017

  39. Bring it back I am now officially in mourning

    Comment by Colva Ainley | August 20, 2017

  40. Who’s great idea was it not to have a 3rd season. Hopefully that person was cancelled.

    Comment by Edward Simms | August 20, 2017

  41. Nearing the last episode of Intelligence in Western Australia. Cannot believe no more Series will be made and I have to go back to the Crap
    Shows produced here and in America each night. Could watch an episode
    night after night at will but no more enjoyment. Possibly too many home
    truths exposed about our so called Protective Departments OS but why
    worry. Donald Tramp will fix any problems by Nuking the World to show what an Egotist he is

    Comment by Allan | August 21, 2017

  42. My husband and I stumbled on to this show and really enjoyed it. We were very disappointed it only had two seasons. It was a big let down.

    Comment by Ada | August 21, 2017

  43. Best series I’ve seen in years,please bring it back.

    Comment by Janice thomas | August 22, 2017

  44. I thought this was one of the best scripted tv shows Ive ever watched. No loose ends, great character development, fantastic story line. Better than Game of thrones.
    Netflix we need you to push CBS to get season 3, or even better, do it your self.

    Comment by Rob D | August 25, 2017

  45. please bring the series, “Intelligence” back for another season. It’s so good! Chris haddock… are you listening?

    Comment by sandra | August 25, 2017

  46. We just finished watching Intelligence and you had better bring Jimmy back and not let him die right there in the corner of his Chickadee………..PLEASE bring him back and bring back another season or three??? We love love loved it!!!! My husband and I watched it every night….Keep it going please and DON’T LET JIMMY DIE!!!!!!

    Comment by Billie Allison | August 29, 2017

  47. First, let me put “NAN” (comment #9 from May 21,2015) at ease… Nan, look back at the end of the last episode – Jimmy is still breathing! As for all the rest of you- I agree completely! Sure, its up to the CDC to air more of a fan favorite, but how often do they ASK THE FANS? Any one of you ever get a call? Just a note here about the last 10 seconds of Episode 12/Season 2; TOTALLY IMPROBABLE!! How could the gunmen (who were totally cocked and locked) possibly know Jimmy would be coming right back out to hear a call they couldn’t have seen him take inside the door?!? Ah well, cest la vie…

    Comment by joel cane | September 1, 2017

  48. Please bring back the Canadian Series “Intelligence”, I have just streamed all episodes and LOVED it! ( Previously my favorite series was “the Wire”, this is a close second !) And only second because there are only two seasons! Love to hear the resurrection of the series; it’s outstanding!

    Comment by Doreen | September 4, 2017

  49. Where’s the Intelligence in dropping this kick ass show.
    Netflix ya just gotta proceed in continuing this show. Everybody wants just it! Ur in the biz of giving people what they want so…

    Comment by Fernando | September 8, 2017

  50. The finest, best written show on any medium. Come on, Netflix, pick it up and give us many more seasons. Pleeeeaassse!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Mahmood | September 9, 2017

  51. Yes yes yes yes yes – this is outstanding series – on every front – compared to most of the lame stuff regularly shown this is in another galaxy – so wish there was more – season three plllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Linda | September 10, 2017

  52. Please have a Season 3 of this show. I loved it and want to see more.

    Comment by Michele Kurtz | September 10, 2017

  53. The link “Intelligence” in the post doesn’t go to anything about a Canadian TV show, unless it’s some kind of code/code-breaking reference…

    Comment by Justin | September 16, 2017

  54. Thanks Justin, link updated.

    Comment by Danny D'Amours | September 16, 2017

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