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End of Intelligence?

I’ve previously blogged about my fondness for the TV show Intelligence and after the great season finale in December, I now have a free block of time on Monday nights.

Apparently I was not the only one complaining about CBC’s lack of advertising and promotion of the show on its network especially prior to the season premiere. The creator of Intelligence, Chris Haddock also points to the lack of promotion as a part of the reason for relatively poor ratings for Intelligence and goes on to accuse CBC of trying to bury the show.

Indeed, it appears that the CBC is unwilling to commit to renewing the series for another season. Judging from message boards and posts, viewers of the show REALLY like it and are passionate about it but I guess if the ratings aren’t high enough, the CBC doesn’t care.

Is there any hope that the CBC will come to its senses and bring back Intelligence for a third season???

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January 16th, 2008 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Entertainment, Media | 110 comments


  1. I agree. Intelligence is the best program to hit the airwaves. It rivals the storyline of Sopranos… CBC doesn’t promote it enough. ANYBODY who has watched a couple of episodes can’t stop, but ALMOST everybody I speak to, hasn’t even heard of it.
    I think that it would be a big mistake to not produce and release a third season!! I hope they do and promote the crap out of it!!

    Comment by Brent | March 3, 2008

  2. […] I had eluded to in an earlier post, CBC has cut my favourite show Intelligence along with recently introduced shows jPod and MVP. […]

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  3. This is OLD news. What is happening now? I know little to nothing about blogs, but I would think there would be current information – not 3 months old.

    Comment by JAN HANGLAND | March 26, 2008

  4. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    As shown in the comments, I have written an updated piece confirming that unfortunately CBC did indeed announce that it has canceled Intelligence.
    See: http://danny.damours.net/wordpress/index.php/archive/lack-of-intelligence-at-the-cbc-intelligence-jpod-and-mvp-cancelled
    for more details.

    Another site which you might want to visit for information about Intelligence is http://www.tv-eh.com/ and specifically http://www.tv-eh.com/category/intelligence/

    Comment by Danny D'Amours | March 26, 2008

  5. If your serious about getting CBC’s attention get your wife, brothers, father’s, mother’s, guys at work to send in notes to the CBC comment website. The comments section was originally designed for people to comment on the new shows but none referenced the new shows. But they did not comment on the new shows but focused and criticized The Mother Corp for removing Intelligence. I also provided my comments and also the fact that I wrote to the CBC asking a direct question about the future of Intelligence. No reply.
    The location for you to comment is: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/tv/story/2008/04/09/cbc-shows.html

    Comment by David | April 10, 2008

  6. I enjoy this Canadian base series. Please bring it back with all the original cast! I love Ian Tracy… This show needs more promotion to obtain more viewers… It’s our Canadian style Sporano’s… CBC Finally has a decent show and now they are debating for a 3rd Season !!!

    – Cindy

    Comment by CINDY | June 18, 2008

  7. Sorry to say Cindy but CBC has decided not to renew Intelligence for a third season.

    See: http://danny.damours.net/wordpress/index.php/archive/lack-of-intelligence-at-the-cbc-intelligence-jpod-and-mvp-cancelled

    The only hope for Intelligence is that Fox will pick it up but I’m afraid that it will become Americanized and in the process wreck what I love about it.

    See: http://www.torontosun.com/Entertainment/Television/2008/06/14/5875496-sun.html

    Comment by Danny D'Amours | June 19, 2008

  8. I am huge fan of Chris Haddock. Trust me “Intelligence” outdoes the Sopranos, the Wire and anything else US TV has tried to create. Ian Tracey is exceptional. I have only been able to get season one on dvd in Los Angeles – but I cannot get enough. This is a brilliant show. I blogged about DaVinci and that’s how I heard about Intelligence. HBO should snap this up in a minute to give Soprano and Wire fans something to really write home abuot.

    Comment by Chloe Ross | August 16, 2008

  9. I’m one of those people who complained to the CBC even before the announcement. I could see the writing on the wall. Good writing, terrific actors, fantastic location, believable characters. The show obviously did not meet the criteria of good television which is – poor writing, teenagers in the role of actors, shot in the back lot, etc… It was just too good. BTW, I see most of the actors have moved on to new roles or to the US. It was my all time favourite and the only show I was sure not to miss each week. Very sorry to see it’s decline. The replacement programs for Intelligence are pathetic and poorly done. Welcome to Canada!


    Comment by dave | August 27, 2008

  10. I LOVE “Intelligence.” It is witty, intelligent and very real “Canadian” viewing without the old “canadian television” feeling. I googled the show to find out if in fact I could count on seeing a much anticipated 3rd season. I agree that there just hasn’t been enough to promote the show. I ask so many people if they watch it and I get the same response from everyone… “What is it?” I am very fussy about what I watch and I am sincerely waiting for Intelligence. “The Border” was not bad but as far as I’m concerned, not near the quality of the scrip, settting and actig as “Intelligence.” Please bring it back.

    Comment by Susie | August 27, 2008

  11. Intelligence is the most intelligent show on television today bar none, although the it may run nose to nose with “The Wire”

    If for some reason the number of viewers is low it is more likely the cause of scheduling rather than the quality of the show itself.

    There is of course a point to be made for the dumbing down of America. When one of the most popular shows on TV today is CSI Miami where the lead character does nothing but try to act tough, stand with his hands on his hips, put on his sunglasses and have trouble reading his prompt cards you have to wonder what the hell is going on.

    Keeping trash like Dog the 24/365 Halloween clown, and Gene Simmons ( I’ve screwed 10,000 women, forget that their mean age was 14) on TV and letting Intelligence go is a travesty. But perhaps that is what the fools who watch shyt deserve.

    Comment by al riede | September 9, 2008

  12. Hi there,

    I live in Western Australia. My husband and I love Intelligence. We love it all the more because it is not American. Why oh why has this show not been a chance? And, why are we left hanging not knowing what has actually happened to Jim Reardon? This is extremely bad form on the part of CBC!!!!!

    C’mon CBC let’s have a Season 3, 4, 5, etc….

    Fans in Western Australia

    Comment by Barbara | February 3, 2009

  13. What a fantastic series! Nothing out there compares with the quality of story writing and actors with a real talent for pulling off how people actually behave in a real world setting. This series is witty, down to earth and gritty. It’s great to see such a positive response from fellow Canadians and foreigners alike. The CBC should be ashamed for canceling the show that won the 2008 Gemini Awards. With the obvious outcry from loyal fans who truly understand what a real TV show should be (i.e. a show that makes you think)you would think that someone in the CBC management might clue in to what makes a real TV drama series work. All round excellence and I hope that if the CBC management in their arrogance and pride can’t accept that this is really what smart, intelligent Canadians want in a TV series then hopefully some other network with some balls will pick up this masterpiece and display it for what it is. Namely an award winning series!

    Comment by Noel Taylor | March 3, 2009

  14. Hello I’m from Sydney please bringIntelligence back we loved it.. we have bought season 1 & 2 now we want a 3

    Comment by Kerrin wilison | March 22, 2009

  15. Intelligence was my favourite show.

    I just loved how that Ian Tracy sneeked around and his get things done and for his business skills.

    I think the government types hated that show because the Canadian government is so much anti-small business even for honest-legal small business.
    The Canadian government is the opposite of Ian Tracy.
    They can’t stand someone who gets things done.
    The government only wants to find more rules.
    There are 2 kinds of people: the go getters like Ian Tracy and the rule makers who want to create more rules to stop successful people.

    That is why they cut out Intelligence.
    The government doesn’t want regular people to succeed even in legal businesses.

    The government is made up of jealous – miserable types who’se purpose in life is to try to stop people from thinking, problem solving, and succeeding to be independent and happy. No the government doesn’t want this. That is why they invent more rules and laws and that they cancelled the show Intelligence.

    And they just can’t stand a good show and people liking it.
    They want us to watch mind numbing crap like Just for laughs and 22 minutes. God forbid to show us something where a business man succeeds and out plays the government.

    I’m not condoning selling drugs, but the same go get the job done that Ian Tracy displayed could be used in legal activities of our lives but the government doesn’t want us to see a positive role model.

    No stay home, and watch Just for laughs crap and 22 minutes and hockey. Don’t think. That’s what the government wants from us: to be tax paying brain dead automates.
    Like cows. The government wants us to be like cows.
    Just give them the milk (our taxes).

    Well I got that off my chest.

    Brian Tracy: you are my favourite actor-role model ever.

    Comment by Mike | June 15, 2009

  16. Well now their advertising the old episodes of Intelligence
    like there’s no tomorrow.

    What’s up with that?
    They didn’t care before; now they care?

    Are they just filling up empty air time?
    Or will there be a 3rd season after all?

    I phoned the CBC but they never heard of their own show.
    Bunch of CBC twits.

    Comment by Jerry | June 17, 2009

  17. Someone needs to get their head out of their rear end and rethink the decision to cancel “Intelligence”. It is brilliant and the best thing since “Sopranos”. How very disappointing that we can not look forward to the continuation of this series. Hello… Is anybody at CBC listening?!

    Comment by Claire B. W. | June 29, 2009

  18. Don’t cancel Intelligence!!! It is one of the BEST shows on TV. The acting is superb, the story line is facinating. I am a faithful viewer. Keep this show going. It is on par with Sopranos.

    Comment by Anna | July 26, 2009

  19. CBC Television Channel is showing Season 1 of Intelligence again, over the summer. It has been very poorly promoted, if at all. Episode 5 will be on August 8, 2009, in B. C.

    Comment by Madeline Bruce | August 2, 2009

  20. Good to see that CBC is showing some ads for the re-showing of the TV Series Intelligence. They are showing writer Chris Haddock’s series DaVinci’s City Hall back to back with it on Saturday nights. Episode 7 of Season One of Intelligence is showing tonight, August 15th, 2009. I am getting so, so much more out of it the second time around. This is deep probing of our society from the gritty mean streets right on up to the most secret worlds of inercontinental espionage, high finance, and political no-no-nos. That is where the real strip-tease takes place.

    Comment by Madeline Bruce | August 15, 2009

  21. Madeline Bruce

    Excellent comment Madeline. Watch the second time around every Sat night and yes the second time is even better. Well done.


    Comment by David | August 23, 2009

  22. Check out the cool musical score of Intelligence by composer Schaun Tozer.

    Comment by Madeline Bruce | August 25, 2009

  23. Episode 10 of Intelligence did not show on Saturday night, September 5th at 10 p.m., CBC Television, its usuual time slot. The schedule said CBC News would be on instead, but that didn’t happen either. This is the third time that an episode of Season one has be pre-empted since it has been re-showing over this summer, 2009. CBC has a very strange attitude towards this series. It has won many awards, yet on the CBC program The Hour, which has throngs of American guests on it, this was never mentioned, whereas the awards won by Little Mosque on the Prairie were touted. There was no third season of it, although many people wanted that,even internationally. Methinks that the trenchant scrutiny of how American power is infiltrating into Canadian Democracy and Sovereignty that gets leaked in Intelligence is being muzzled.

    Comment by Madeline Bruce | September 6, 2009

  24. Found an episode of DaVinci and got hooked, which led to discovering Intelligence and got hooked again. These are sophisticated shows professionally executed. Canada really brings quality to their shows and I wish it would continue. With a small bit of effort on CBC’s part in promoting the projects, these series could not only continue, but bring in money from refreshing past series. Highlander the series ran the same episodes for years in the states. Average middle American citizens do crave Canadian series and it makes me wonder why no one understands this. (I have to say average middle, because if you ever traveled to San Francisco or mid-town New York, you might question what makes up an average Amer.)

    Comment by susan | September 10, 2009

  25. Having pre-empted no fewer than 3 episodes of Season One of Intelligence over the summer re-showing of it (2009), it appears that CBC is not going to re-show Season Two, as I see no sign of it in the schedule for the week ahead. Too bad. I was getting so much more out of watching the second time. It has been a political education for me, learning how American infiltration of our institutions threatens our Canadian sovereignty. Strange how they send their spies up here, but we don’t send any down there. Think about it. People are telling me that at an Eastern Canadian Military Academy, Americans are trying to recruit future spies for the USA.

    Comment by Madeline Bruce | September 27, 2009

  26. Glad to see all these fans up here talking about this show. I picked up on Intelligence in the middle of S1’s original airing and watched S2 each week as new episodes came out. I have since downloaded the whole series and sought it out and ordered both seasons on DVD from Acorn media. I have seen Ian Tracey and others from the show on the street and when I mention S3 they all sheepishly say ‘I don’t know when or if’. Once CBC started rolling out all the shows that are returning this year (The Border, The Tudors, Being Erica etc) it angers me to no end they are not all under the best show ever made by CBC for CBC, Intelligence. I think everyone should write to the CBC’s program director and share their opinions, Former Alliance Atlantis executive Kirstine Layfield I believe still holds the job – however shouldn’t.

    Comment by Phil Sharma (Vancouver BC) | October 23, 2009

  27. I am an American and have been watching Intelligence on DVD. My husband and I are hooked on this show – very sophisticated
    fast paced, great acting. We are not familiar with the Canadian actors, but they are all wonderful. I just signed on to this website and am bitterly disappointed that this show was not renewed for the third year. I believe more and more that we are all being “dumbed down” in everything – TV especially. I don’t know about Canada, but American TV is awful! Any suggestions for bringing back the show?

    Comment by linda mcgilvray | December 20, 2009

  28. I agree. I recently received season one box set for xmas and the wife and I can’t stop watching it. This is an incredible show. Being in law enforcement it is so close to real life. Well done

    Comment by Doug | December 31, 2009

  29. The moment I saw the pilot I knew instanly that it was going to be a great series. Intelligence didn’t disappoint. The only thing I can’t figure out is why CBC didn’t renew a 3rd season. I put Intelligence up in the same catagory as “The Sopranos”. Nothing else on TV even comes close to Intelligence. It is so realistic, and sometimes is a little too close to real life events. Many of the story lines about how their operation was running pretty much parallel how the underworld operates.
    Well, now that NBC has a 10 pm time slot to fill every night, perhaps we will see intelligence head south.

    Comment by Dave | February 1, 2010

  30. I was an avid watcher of Davincis Inquest and Intelligence. Bring back one or both of these shows! Someone needs to sign a petition. Has anyone noticed that right now there is mostly comedy on CBC and a distinct lack of a good dramatic series which both of these shows provided Canada for several years.

    Comment by Louise | February 2, 2010

  31. I watched Intelligence on the Hallmark Channel here in Melbourne(Foxtel)The article announcing the showing of Intel. was very enticing and once I viewed the first episode I was hooked, I worked in law enforcement in the Bronx NY and this was really well written and the acting was incredible, the tempo moves so quickly it’s over before one realizes it. If the CBC can’t do anything with this series and say it is a failure, then go look for investors in either the States or the UK, you have a Winner!

    Comment by Frank Cullari | February 2, 2010

  32. I want to comment on what “Frank” said. I couldn’t agree more about the series. Good Canadian dramas are produced few and far between but when they come along I often hear the word “hooked”. I felt the same way about Davincis Inquest and Intelligence and a few years before I was hooked on another great CBC drama called “North of 60″ which actually lasted about 10 years on tv. Perhaps if enough people complain in email to CBC like I have recently done they will bring back “Intelligence”!!

    Comment by Louise | February 4, 2010

  33. The CBC website sells both seasons on INTELLIGENCE on DVD. Also Futureshop.ca

    Comment by Louise | February 5, 2010

  34. I live in the USA and I do not believe this show has ever been aired on any of our networks (I could be wrong) I found the Intelligence series at my local library. I was very thrilled with myself for picking such as great show, but was also very disappointed at the end and even more disappointed when I learned that season 3 does not exist. Who ever is responsible, listen this show makes great tv and I plead with you to continue to run this show for as long as it takes, without jepodizing its content.



    Comment by KELLY | February 13, 2010

  35. Huge dissapoinment to see the poor decision making process of CBC. This program should have been continued by it is obvious that CBC does not have what it takes to be a competitve force.

    Comment by John | March 24, 2010

  36. season one and two both great better than 24 and thats still on air try hbo maybe they would show it

    Comment by tom | April 9, 2010

  37. I realise that this is an old thread now, but I live in Queensland, Australia and was given the dvds of S1 and S2 for Christmas 2009 by my Canadian-based sister, so came to it a bit later than most of its fans. To say I was hooked is putting it lightly. In style, production values, storylines, acting, characterisation and everything else that counts, this series far outdoes any US offering we get here. What I find even more unbelievable than the decision by CBC not to commission a third series is that no other channel picked it up when CBC dropped it. Obviously Canadian broadcasters lack ‘Intelligence’ in more ways than one!

    Comment by Michael | May 28, 2010

  38. I checked the DVD out of the library because I was bored with the shows here in america. I agree that Intelligence is better than the Sopranos and want to see it back on CBC so I can get the DVDS. There would be a market for it here in america.

    Comment by Barbara | July 21, 2010

  39. Why did inteligence get canned? It’s almost like a conspiracy in itself.
    One of Canadas best shows ever, please, we certainly have enough csi spinn offs for the next 20 years, let’s bring back some really good Canadian authentic and current filmmaking!! Who does one have to talk to to get heared? I love intelligence, Ya!

    Comment by John | September 11, 2010

  40. Just finished watching season one and two on netflix and i have one question – who is the idiot that canceled this show??? So much better than the Sopranos, probably the best television show that I have ever seen and it was canceled? Unbelievable….

    Comment by Dorothy | September 23, 2010

  41. Just discovered this amazing series on Netflix streaming (I’m American, but Netflix just arrived in Canada a short while ago). At the end of season 2, there was a URL for the show, but when I went to the site, there was nothing there. I was beyond disappointed to learn that there were no more seasons. I absolutely loved this show. It was so “Intelligent” …

    Comment by Rachael | September 30, 2010

  42. Just in the middle of season one on Netflix. I have watched much good TV on Netflix–Canadian and British. Count me among the highly disappointed viewers who think it was DUMB to cancel this show. Talented actors, good story, great location–all the ingredients for a hit if anyone knows it’s on. So sorry I won’t have a season 3 to watch!

    Comment by nptexas | October 13, 2010

  43. Discovered “Intelligence” on Netflix. Absolutely amazing show – casting, storyline, dialog, production values, etc. Such a gripping, fast paced, believable, multi-layered story with complex characters shifting in response to the taut drama. Most crime dramas these days are laughable cartoons – “Intelligence” blows them out of the water.

    Comment by demonrho | October 18, 2010

  44. I think the topic of the show is one of the reasons it was canceled. I mean who does it not piss off. CIA, FBI, DEA, a bunch of Canadian Government Bureaucracies. It shows how big business basically runs all these institutions. So it might not be something a multinational corp would want to Advertise on. Since most if not all companies that advertise are multinational, it really limits who will promote this.
    I feel it should be picked up by an HBO, Showtime or some other pay channel that does not care so much about Adds. For me this show is only a week old (thank you Netflix), so if a pay channel were to pick it up it would be business as usual.

    Comment by J Doe | November 9, 2010

  45. An intelligent, quality, supremely-brilliant, but, apparently too real or close to fact show, and thus it was pulled. Too bad we don’t live in a free society. Would love to watch more.

    Comment by B. Sandberg | November 21, 2010

  46. i just watched both seasons and freaking out to find there are no more episodes! how could they do that?

    Comment by ann | November 26, 2010

  47. Hey Folks, I can’t find these “Season 3″ episodes anywhere available to watch, but they are listed on http://www.movie-tv-database.com…so perhaps they are in production somewhere?

    Intelligence Season 3

    1. What Lies Beneath
    2. Ghost of Things Past
    3. Irukandji
    4. Under The Radar
    5. Chinese Whispers
    6. Deep Water

    Comment by Hollen Estelrim | December 3, 2010

  48. I was born and raised in the US and I couldn’t agree more with the Canadians who spoke about liking the fact that it was not an American show. This show was the best and most brilliant I have witnessed and easily makes everything we have access to look like absolute amateur hour. Please bring it back, promote it as it deserves without disrupting the integrity and make yourselves some money. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!

    Comment by Ben | December 13, 2010

  49. ….thx netflix !..I just watched the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!..in a two week span….that’s how good this Show was!! And I work 50 hrs a week an I still seen only 2 seasons..I just bumped into it on Netflix too..thought it was a movie at 1st…till Jimmy walked into a building ,an I was like how can this end this way as I was already hooked after 10 minutes into it..so then I seen it was a series an I was so so happy an here I am 2weeks later & 2 seasons later ..flipping out that there wasn’t another season at least ..especially as I seen it was made in 2007 or so……BRING IT BACKKKKK?…please

    Comment by Doug | December 18, 2010

  50. Just found this series on netflix on my xbox, OMG fantastic show!! Just so mad there is no season 3, Ian Tracy is awesome and could not get enough of him. I could not wait to get home and watch more episodes and now I watched them so fast I have nothing to look forward to, I will rewatch this again just because I loved it.

    Good lord advertise the show and promote it! more people will watch if they know about it. Go to a different network and start it from season one, a lot of the cable channels will promote a show like this.

    Comment by Mona | December 19, 2010

  51. Wire fan Jason Whitlock made mention of Intelligence in a Twitter post. I was happy to find the show available to stream on Netflix. While I found the two seasons to be entertaining, The Wire’s heavyweight title was never challenged.

    Intelligence relied too much on plot and not enough character development. Did either Jimmy or Mary change? I think not. There seemed to be hints in season one that Mary might be hitting the bottle too hard (shades of Jimmy McNulty), but that idea never developed. Her marriage also seemed to be a point of contention, which soon disappeared. There were hints of Ted’s life outside the office: closeted gay (like Bill Rawls) and visits to a psychologist. Perhaps further episodes would have further developed this story line.

    What happened to Jimmy’s brother, Mike? He was a vital character until he vanished in the middle of season two. I wondered why Bob’s character suddenly seemed more verbose; he must have been given Mike’s lines. Ronnie was no Stringer Bell to Jimmy’s Avon Barksdale. In fact, Ronnie didn’t seem to contribute much other than holding the strip club lease. Martin had unrealized potential. Sure he got some ass from his informants, but there was always a creepy aura surrounding him. In a show where everyone has a hidden motive, Martin’s character could have been ominous.

    Didn’t it seem like everyone in Vancouver was a rat? In the end, I found that to be the show’s biggest problem. Everyone was too quick to cooperate. Even the main bad guy, Jimmy, became an informant before the first episode was over. On The Wire, the cops didn’t even see Avon in the flesh until episode nine. The Wire taught us that syndicate bosses don’t leave themselves open to unnecessary exposure; yapping on cell phones and standing out in public are invitations for trouble.

    Did I enjoy Intelligence? Yes. Netflix streaming made watching episodes a breeze. While I would like to see where a third season went, the cancellation brought about one good event: the end of Francine’s monotonous character!

    Comment by Peter | December 22, 2010

  52. I stumbled upon Intelligence on Netflixs. It was a fabulous show! I’m so surprised it was canceled. I’m American and wouldn’t want to see the program “Americanized”. I enjoyed seeing thing from a Canadian prospective, even if it’s fictional. So sad, no 3rd season. So, wrong!

    Comment by Cindylu | December 27, 2010

  53. As an original Kiwi who has lived in UK,Canada and now USA, was so pleased to accidentally find Intelligence. Wonderful to have a show which blends best of these countries’ TV styles – great writing, characters and story lines which require focus to follow ( too much for 3rd season?) Acting wonderful – watched first two seasons over holidays and so sad to find 3rd not available…so need to see how Jimmy and Mary sort their respective rats nests out!

    Comment by Susan Douglas | January 5, 2011

  54. Love the TV show “Intelligence.” I am saddened that I cannot find Season 3, and it appears I will have to live with Reardon lying shot but barely breathing… a cliff hanger without a resolution. I’m from USA, and it tickled me to watch Canadians use us as a foil. They stereotype us Americans like our television stereotyped Russians in the Cold War. But good drama is always worth watching, and “Intelligence” was good drama with excellent acting and engaging characters. The lesson here seems to be that the CBC is no better or wiser than American networks. Maybe HBO could produce it.

    Comment by Patrick | January 5, 2011

  55. Just finished both seasons of the show and really loved it. I’m so disappointed there’s no Season 3. I’ll have to give “The Wire” a try, but based on the comments here, I’m guessing it won’t compare to “Intelligence.”

    In the meantime, for folks with Netflix, I highly recommend “MI-5″/”Spooks” to get your espionage thriller fix. I think there’s 7 or 8 seasons worth, and in my opinion, is every bit as good as “Intelligence”…

    Comment by Kenny | January 7, 2011

  56. Here’s a note for Kenny.

    Perhaps the responses here favor Intelligence over The Wire, but look for the same comparison across the internet. Many fans and critics consider The Wire to be not only the greatest television show of all time but also a significant cultural achievement. Plus, The Wire reached its finish line and earned a proper series finale.

    Comment by Peter | January 7, 2011

  57. I found this series on netflix too. I couldnt stop watching it ..I want a season 3…has to be…cant wait

    Comment by jackie jerndal | January 11, 2011

  58. I just discovered Intelligence on Netflix, too. Damn, it’s good. What, is CBC trying to emulate the US networks in ensuring that smart TV is killed in the cradle?

    I sure hope someone at the CBC is monitoring this forum, IMDB, Amazon, and all the other review sourced that say Intelligence needs to be revived.

    Comment by Diorist | January 24, 2011

  59. Like many others who have commented watched both series 1 and 2 thanks to Netflix and am really sad it stops when it does. so many unanswered questions and I was enjoying it all so much. Great acting and wonderful characters. Can not believe it was canceled.

    Comment by Diane Cohen-Alpert | January 25, 2011

  60. HI , I found this show on Netflix and was hooked I have Only One episode left : ((
    So sad that they didn’t’ have another season.

    Comment by Karen | January 31, 2011

  61. We found this series at our local library, we are hooked, and can’t believe that there is no 3rd season. You have a winner here!!!! Please continue, CBC!

    Comment by Wilma | February 3, 2011

  62. I just watched that last episode of season 2 of Intelligence on Netflix, and I have no idea why the show was cancelled. This was one of the best shows I have ever seen.

    Comment by Shawn | February 7, 2011

  63. Just stumbled onto this series and watched season 2 within 24 hours, this is 2011 and I was in great need of a fantastic show, very disappointed to find out there is no season 3, but am now going to find season 1 and am sure i will enjoy, one of my all time favs, if hbo had this i’m sure i would of heard of this series, poor advertising on cbc part, great mixture of brains and brawn, cant believe this is a canadian show and im from canada

    Comment by jay | March 4, 2011

  64. Unbelievable?? This show rocked,and was more realistic than americanized versions of similar types of shows. I was born’n’raised & still live in EastVan so for me it was like”I know that spot””I know that Bar””I know that Hotel”….Anyways,,was a huge Davinci fan,,a huge Intelligence fan & its downright depressing they cut it??
    I used to work in production of shows like VIPER,SENTINAL,even X-FILES in our city & all of those shows lastest so much longer….due to promotion. I dunno..Just sucks the CBC dropped the ball.

    Comment by J.T | March 23, 2011

  65. A co-worker saw this show on Netflix and recommended it. My library had both seasons on DVD. I’m now done watching both seasoins and can’t believe they cancelled it. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Seriously disappointed that we won’t know what becomes of Jim Reardon.

    Comment by Jeff | March 27, 2011

  66. We live in the U.S. and have just finished season 1 of Intelligence. My husband and I really enjoy this show. It’s fast, so much going on, the writing is brilliant and we’re disappointed the decision was made to not continue the series. Not all management makes good decisions. Too bad.

    Comment by Marilyn | April 3, 2011

  67. From the US. I just finished all 26 episodes on Netflix. Excellent series indeed. I rate this series as equal and a little better than “The Shield” which is sort of my gold standard. I wish that it would continue with Jimmy R. surviving the shooting at the end and continuing on. The end was obviously hastened too much and did not tie up all the great story lines that were going on. Too bad that it ended in this fashion. It certainly did not do justice to all the preceeding episodes.

    Comment by Mike | May 4, 2011

  68. Also watched on Netflix. Was an OK series. A bit too contrived for my taste, but OK. The background music was too heavy-handed. I really had trouble with the fake Russian accents. Had to turn the speakers down every time one of the escort ladies spoke. Is it really that tough to find an actress with a genuine accent?

    Comment by Indalu | August 12, 2011

  69. My good friend, Mark Yarnell, told me about this series. WOW! What a great series!! Hello CBC ….. wake up and kick start this!
    Cary Waggoner, C.P.A.
    Ocala, FL USA

    Comment by Cary Waggoner, CPA | August 15, 2011

  70. Make a season 3 CBC !!

    Comment by Bringitback | August 24, 2011

  71. Two months ago I started watching “Intelligence,” and this has got to be some of the best writing and acting in television right now. It is a freakin (I am being nice) shame that this show was cancelled…CBC you suck! Just like the American networks. Prove me wrong! Bring back “Intelligence.” And this time promote it like it should be.

    Comment by Monica - AZ | August 28, 2011


    Comment by willo | October 6, 2011

  73. Late to the comments, but late to the show. Recently found it on Netflix and have streamed through it. I’ve sent raving recommendations to family and friends. This is the best series I’ve watched in a very long time. In fact, I’m not typically a tv fan, but this series may have changed my mind. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE resurrect this show, someone, and bring us more of this script and its terrific actors.

    Comment by Thorbjorn | October 19, 2011

  74. Well I have to think that the CBC was successful in an effort to differentiate its production/programming policy from that of the Film Board, which supports intelligent and creative productions. How utterly inane!

    Let’s see, you have a proven creator/writer, an electrifying story, a powerhouse of a cast, so…. let’s toss it in the can! Good thinking CBC !!!

    At least release the rights, so that it can be continued by someone else, someone in possession of their mental faculties and a little more sense.

    Comment by Razpootin | November 8, 2011

  75. We live in Hong Kong so it took some time to discover this show – and I am not much of a TV addict at the best of times… But this show truly was addictive – characters are three dimensional, plot is fast and complex, issues close to the bone.

    Or a little too close ? Perhaps the reason its was canned ?

    Come on, CBC / Canada. Have some guts – and Intelligence. Step up to the plate and get this series back up and running. Its the best thing you’ve done in years, or perhaps ever.

    Comment by Chris | November 10, 2011

  76. Great show!

    I live in the US and find myself bragging for good tv. This season there wasn’t a single American drama worth wasting my time watching.

    This is the greatest drama since the first five seasons of the X Files before Chris Carter burned out and the scripts started to go downhill.

    Was the show cancelled because of the real world themes?

    Thank you Netflix for bringing on this show, perhaps you can buy exclusive rights to have it brought back and only shown via Netflix. That would be a real coup d’état!

    Bring it back.

    Comment by Ernesto Migoya | November 25, 2011

  77. This is the most engaging series,ever to appear on TV…Forget about Supranos..This is informative, and entertaining. I must watch at least series in one sitting. Please bring it back. If the only way is to pay fore it as a subxription, I would do this…..without advertisements..

    Comment by david LJ | December 13, 2011

  78. Well, Intelligence has been off the air for at least three years now so I guess we are not going to get it back. I wonder if they would consider a made for TV movie? Its unfortunate that it became popular at the middle of the second season and was canceled. Fortunately, all the great actors are still working and we get to see them in other programs. One people might keep an eye out for is Republic of Doyle. In January Russel Crowe is making a guest appearance. The title character (Doyle) appeared in Robin Hood with Russel and he is returning the favour. Big deal for little old CBC to have a superstar like Russel Crowe do a guest appearance. The episode is sometime in January 2012.
    Here is the wed address for more info: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/Republic_of_Doyle

    Comment by david | December 14, 2011

  79. I should also mention that the series Republic of Doyle takes place in St. John’s NFLD the opposite end of the country from British Columbia. You will see guest appearances of actors from Intelligence on there as well.

    Comment by david | December 14, 2011

  80. Another possible great show coming this winter is Arctic Air. It stars Adam Beach who has come home from Hollywood to work in Canada! Good for Adam. Welcome back to Canadian series television.
    Okay, that’s my last post promoting Canadian television. There is lots more but I will let you folks find it yourselves.

    Comment by david | December 14, 2011

  81. Just finished watching both seasons of Intelligence. It was like a great book, I couldn’t put it down. Too bad CBC won’t continue with this very well done series, it’s stuff like this that separates Canada from the US. I’m disappointed.

    Comment by Gordon | December 22, 2011

  82. Just read through the last 4 years + comments about this show which my wife and I just finished watching on Netflix. We both are very disappointed that the show ended and no season – 3 will follow. CBC WAKE – UP !!!
    Revive this show
    Hopefully with the same cast ASAP !!!!

    Comment by Robert Dukes | December 23, 2011

  83. Spent two days of my Christmas break watching Intelligence on Netflix. I am so disappointed that there is no season 3. Thanks for an absolute entertaining couple of days! Give me more….

    Comment by Annette | December 24, 2011

  84. I just watched both seasons of intelligence in only 3 days here in the USA on netflix… I was curious as to where season 3 was myself… Rather frustrated after googling it and finding this blog saying there was no season 3… Also frustrated when I read a lot of people bashing USA tv shows… They just havn’t found the right ones yet… My favorite are all aired on the USA network… White Collar, Burn Notice, Covert Affair, Royal Pains, Pysch…. etc….. All GREAT American televion series… When I found Intelligence I would say that it ranks right up there with the shows I already watch… MAJOR dissapointment to see that your CBC network dropped it… Maybe the show was hitting a little close to home government wise…. Joys of living in USA you can say whatever you want without being screened out

    Comment by John Herring | December 29, 2011

  85. I knew going in that it had been cancelled prematurely, I read a review on Slate that praised the series and also bemoaned its demise. I borrowed it from the library anyway and watched both seasons straight through. Things seemed to unwind a bit toward the end of the second season though. What happened to the Brother? And the banker? Who were these mysterious Americans? Ah well, we’ll just have to wait for Haddock’s next series to come out. Has anyone learned why Showcase and CBC ended the relationship with Haddock? It must have had something to do with personalities?

    Comment by John Dixon | December 29, 2011

  86. I saw it on Netflix saw the pilot and I was hooked! However, I am so disappointed there is no season 3, 4, 5, and so on. So many unanswered questions. I hope they bring it back because it is a great show.

    Comment by Tino C | December 30, 2011

  87. Is there an email address where we can email and find out if they are planning to bring back the show?

    Comment by Tino C | December 30, 2011

  88. Just fell into Intelligence on Netflix and so, so, SO disappointed that it ended where it did. We’re big fans of The Wire, Sopranos, Breaking Bad and other similar series (i.e., good TV), and Intelligence was up there with the best of them — superb characters, compelling plot, totally believable actors. CBC, please bring back Mary & Jimmy!!!

    Comment by KLA | January 18, 2012

  89. At least they should put out a movie, like Firefly series did, to conclude this great drama!

    Comment by Andrei Kohler | February 7, 2012

  90. I can’t believe it is almost 3 years since the series ended and people are still talking about it. The acting was superb, the storylines and plots believable. Truly “intelligent”. Wish CBC had continued this series but goods things must come to an end.

    Comment by Patricia | February 9, 2012

  91. I also fell into Intelligence on Netflix and was hooked! Two season is not enough. What a great show, cast and script! Now I’m hunting for a similar show to Netflick and start from Season one episode one. Suggestions? I live in Oregon but tend to think a lot of American television is overrated. I was very impressed with Ian tracey and Klea Scott in Intelligence!

    Comment by Carrie | February 16, 2012

  92. I just finished watching this show on Netflix and i am so disappointed that it got cut. The story lines were really getting interested, and the cast was maturing and developing. It was as good, if not better than 24 and similar shows. Bring it back! I want to know how Max Hedron dies!!

    Comment by Adam | March 2, 2012

  93. The best show on TV was The Wire on HBO. I just came across Intelligence on Netflix. Intelligence is better than the Wire!!

    Great acting, plot, and story line. Why do networks shoot themselves in the foot? You had a great show with proper advertising it could have been an international hit.

    Comment by Umar | March 24, 2012

  94. Yeah I fully agree with Umar and most people that it wasn’t advertised right and enough. It’s a pretty simple mistake that will make the whole difference.. If the Red Hot Chilli Peppers just played a show on the street downtown without telling anybody then hardly anyone would notice and acknowledge the world wide hit band playing live front row on the sidewalk. Netflix is the only reason 90 percent of anybody heard of Intelligence. CBC sucks at knowing/understanding their viewers. Thank god for netflix

    Comment by Al Jefferson | April 2, 2012

  95. Suffering from lack of intelligence. I need more seasons

    Comment by Adoni | April 5, 2012

  96. Never heard of Intelligence when it aired or in rerun. Stumbled on it at the video store. It is Canada’s Sopranos and The Wire, and better because the more convincing. That’s exactly why it’s cancelled. Ottawa mandarins, corporate suits, and Harperite politicos made a lot of noise about how the show makes them look bad and the baddies look good, and worst of all, exposes the Americans for the hypocritical shits they are. When will Canadians wake up to the fact thet this is the 51st state in the making. CBC has no balls. This show could have gone for a decade as long as the writing stayed good.

    Comment by jscott | April 11, 2012

  97. Hello I’m from Ukraine please bring Intelligence back we loved it.. we have bought season 1 & 2 now we want a 3. I agree that Intelligence is better than the Sopranos and want to see it back!:(

    Comment by Alexandr Pelya | April 24, 2012

  98. Thats bullshit and showbiz..I just accidentally came across it on NetFlix and it was riveting…They could maybe get some interest here in the states..keep the same faces…a ramp it up a notch.

    Comment by Mis4Margaret | April 25, 2012

  99. Have to thank Netflix for recommending this PHENOMENAL show to me! I wonder if its too late to bring it backk

    Comment by UmairK88 | July 9, 2012

  100. Just finished watching Intelligence on Netflix, wow! what a show. So disappointed that there is no Season 3. We need this show back!!!!

    Comment by Edna | August 9, 2012

  101. INTELLIGENCE lives up to its name. Best Canadian show ever. Better than the Sopranos. As good as The Wire. The folks at CBC are beginning to act like the American networks. Be warned! No one watches network TV anymore. The US streams what it wants to watch and without all those dumb commercials. Thank you Netflix!

    Comment by Jean Montanti | August 13, 2012

  102. Another yank down south wishing for season 3…great plots…great acting…great characters…not the same old junk you see on networks…also glad Netflix recommended it

    Comment by Ed | August 25, 2012

  103. WOW – just finished the series. It’s cancellation is nothing less than a crime 😉 Do wonder about that–too many uncomfortable moments for the government? Which one, maple leaf, stars & stripes, yellow stars, or all three?

    It was way too tight to have its cancellation look anything other than suspicious, whatever the reason.

    Comment by Sheila | August 29, 2012

  104. I absolutely love this show. Recvd a copy of the DVD from uncle who 1st saw it while he was in Israel. I really hope they come back in the air with season 3. Must know what happened with Jimmy? Hoping he had in that vest. : )

    Comment by Cook | February 23, 2014

  105. Why oh why do the networks always cancel anything decent and leave on the inane reality shows and shows about death and depravity? For the first time in my life I am considering giving up completely!!!

    Comment by Laurel | April 18, 2014

  106. I watched season 1 & 2 of A Canadian Drama Intelligence. Can’t believe there will not more episodes. That is a real Cliff Hanger killing Jimmy off. Would love to see more of this drama. The cast id splendid….

    Comment by Nan | May 21, 2015

  107. The brilliant Chris Haddock (Canadian) who created the Intelligence series is now working on live theatre, mixed media productions, plus working on American TV shows.

    Canada has a long history of missing the boat with its creative geniuses, so there is the brain drain to the USA. I think of comedians such as Jim Carey, John Candy, and Martin Short. – Nanaimo, B. C.

    Comment by Madeline A. Bruce | May 21, 2015

  108. For you fans of Intelligence the CBC has a new program called the Romeo Section and it has many of the same cast members and I believe many of the same production staff. Here is part of what it say’s about the program:

    From acclaimed showrunner Chris Haddock (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Intelligence), THE ROMEO SECTION is an hour-long serialized espionage drama set in Vancouver. It follows spymaster Professor Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly manages a roster of espionage assets.

    I’ve already become a devote fan. Hope you can tune in and see what our wonderful Canadian TV folks have come up with.
    If you want to watch on-line here is the link. http://www.cbc.ca/romeosection/

    Hope you enjoy this new program from our CBC! David G.

    Comment by David Gerrior | November 21, 2015

  109. Just finished watching season 1 &2 of Intelligence and found it riveting. I can not believe the CBC cancelled it so many years ago and some smart Network like HBO or Showtime or FOX didn’t pick it up right away! Bad decision! Especially gauging by all the comments here so many years after the shows demise. Hopefully it’s still not too late.

    Comment by Karen Kunkel | December 31, 2015

  110. Chris Haddock’s The Romeo Section – 10 episodes – has just finished airing on CBC television. This had an even faster pace than Intelligence. The Vancouver Chinatown theme added a new, exotic dimension. There was a larger, international theme of what is happening economically, especially in Vancouver, B. C. and how the illegal drug trade and the vast amounts of money involved in that get laundered into property and legitimate businesses in British Columbia, from Vancouver and suburbs and moving up the sunshine coast as far as Powell River and Lund, B. C. and how this is changing the very culture of Canada.

    Comment by Madeline A. Bruce | December 31, 2015

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