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End of Intelligence?

I’ve previously blogged about my fondness for the TV show Intelligence and after the great season finale in December, I now have a free block of time on Monday nights.

Apparently I was not the only one complaining about CBC’s lack of advertising and promotion of the show on its network especially prior to the season premiere. The creator of Intelligence, Chris Haddock also points to the lack of promotion as a part of the reason for relatively poor ratings for Intelligence and goes on to accuse CBC of trying to bury the show.

Indeed, it appears that the CBC is unwilling to commit to renewing the series for another season. Judging from message boards and posts, viewers of the show REALLY like it and are passionate about it but I guess if the ratings aren’t high enough, the CBC doesn’t care.

Is there any hope that the CBC will come to its senses and bring back Intelligence for a third season???

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January 16th, 2008 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Entertainment, Media | 363 comments


  1. Looked I have binged these 2 seasons. I want more! This is a great show.

    Comment by Jennifer | August 30, 2018

  2. Please, bring back the show…. I love it..

    Comment by Cherie Vives | December 21, 2018

  3. I love Jimmy and I need to know what happens after he got shot!! Please give us Season 3!!

    Comment by Christina Hollis | March 12, 2019

  4. Bring it back!

    Comment by Lisa | August 31, 2018

  5. I just finished watching this show and are so upset they are no more seasons. What’s wrong with u CBC?? This is a great show!!! One of the BEST I’ve seen so far. Please bring it back? Please sell the rights to Netflix!!!! Please bring all the actors back!!!

    Comment by Sandra DiBlasio | September 1, 2018

  6. This is a great series and keeps you glued to the next line incase you miss something
    Please Netflix flex some muscle and get some more episodes commissioned

    Comment by Robert | September 11, 2018

  7. Netflix please make a season three for Intelligence best show ever. Love It so much. Don’t let Jimmy be dead.

    Comment by Shelia Morton | September 16, 2018

  8. Netflix would be foolish not to pick this up. This show is great.

    Comment by Jenice | September 26, 2018

  9. This show was awesome… Please bring back season 3…

    Comment by Rochelle Oliver | September 28, 2018

  10. I have read everybody request above and I feel the same way please find away to bring us more, I loved this show and all the actors was good!!

    Comment by Pat J | October 4, 2018

  11. Totally agree with the expresed comments.
    Ridiculous to say the least, what is CBC up to?
    Disappointed Aussie

    Comment by John lauten | October 12, 2018

  12. There should be a website that let’s you know ahead of time that there is no real ending for these Netflix shows. Dark Matter comes to mind and so many others. Great shows, acting, plot, intriguing and at the end a cliff hanger to bring you back for the next season that never came to be.
    It’s a cheat and as an earlier post stated, leaves the feeling I should have never got involved in the first place. Like a bad ex-girlfriend, it was fun and good memories, but was it worth it? 🙂
    I kept wondering, how could this only have 2 stars, must be the ending, because the rest was great.
    Nice to imagine or hope for season 3, but 10 years later that’s wishful thinking.

    Comment by David R Cassidy | October 13, 2018

  13. Please bring back Intelligence for Season 3. It’s too frustrating that all the best series are cancelled! Also, one of my favorites, DaVinci’s Inquest. How about those reruns!!

    Comment by Marilyn Whelchel | October 13, 2018

  14. Great series all too short though.
    Hope you reconsider bringing in more episodes it was great and I was glued to the television

    Comment by Pam | October 18, 2018

  15. Please bring Intelligence back for season 3. Absolutely loved it. My husband and I recorded all other programs and watched Intelligence every night until the end. Would love to see more.

    Comment by Donna Cary | October 19, 2018

  16. The two seasons of Intelligence (just watched on Netflix) was the best Canadian TV I’ve ever seen. This is most definitely the kind of series that Netflix could complete. It would honour the great actors in the series, the people who created it to begin with, and the viewing public that was cheated by those who cancelled it. Here’s hoping Netflix steps up with all its power and ambition and gives this show at least one more full season to finish telling its great story. Thanks.

    Paul C.

    Comment by Paul Cooper | November 25, 2018

  17. This show was absolutely brilliant. I’ve never seen a show, any show, where there was not one wasted line in the script, i.e., every line had significance. Amazing show and with so many bs shows getting 4,5 and 6 seasons, INTELLIGENCE getting only 2 seasons is a travesty – just like the show BOSS.

    Comment by gmoney | December 18, 2018

  18. Just watched last episode
    .. please please make a 3 rd series .. such a great programme .. I’ve loved it from
    Beginning to the last episode
    Love it love it …

    Comment by Linda | December 30, 2018

  19. Season 2, the final episode, the final scene, Jimmy is on the phone with his daughter. What is the name of the song playing in the background? The music is coming from his nightclub as Jimmy opens the door. This song is on other episodes. I’ve tried Shazam many times, but have been unsuccessful.

    Comment by Anthony Kane | January 1, 2019

  20. Loved Intellegence!!
    Hopefully it will come back on!! My husband and I couldn’t get enough of it!

    Comment by Sabrina Franklin | January 13, 2019

  21. Bring Intelligence back. The show is good, very intertaining. With all the bad shows on TV this is one of the good ones.

    Comment by Victoria | January 15, 2019

  22. Please, please Netflix take this over for a Season 3 or more. To be fair it wasnt advertised which we saw and only found by chance but it is the best

    Comment by Sue Hicks | January 23, 2019

  23. Please please please bring on another series great show

    Comment by Kim | January 30, 2019

  24. Just watched entire series of Intelligence. One of the better shows. And it’s Ended with me wanting more. It makes me wonder who says what about renewing a show. Now you want to know what happens, and what? They drop you.
    Have some writes book before they start a series so we can at least know the end

    Comment by Murray cherin | February 1, 2019

  25. Love the show hope this is not the end . I hope Jimmy is not dead he is the main person without him the show will be lamo

    Comment by Pamela Brown | February 13, 2019

  26. Amazing show just amazing

    Comment by Katharine MacAlister | February 16, 2019

  27. Loved this smart show. Come on! Make more!!

    Comment by Lu | February 17, 2019

  28. I watched the two seasons over the weekend. I was totally absorbed in its superior acting, screenplay excellence, and gripping storylines. CBC I implore you to continue running this spectacular series.

    Comment by George R. Watson | February 24, 2019

  29. Bring back show

    Comment by June | March 4, 2019

  30. Couldn’t agree more. Really an excellent show in every way. Who wouldn’t love to see where all the characters are ten or 12 years later? Netflix should definitely pick this up and run with it. (“Boss,” too, for that matter.)

    Comment by Colman Andrews | March 5, 2019

  31. Yes bring it back for more seasons. Wonderful dramz

    Comment by Lynne Alexander | March 12, 2019

  32. Please bring back Intelligence I loved this show , I want to know what happens next after jimmy getting shot…

    Comment by Christina Hollis | March 12, 2019

  33. I think at the end of season 2 .they thought there would be a season 3 .they can’t leave people wondering .if Jimmy died .did Ronnie and sweet loose there baby and does his ex wife reach revenge on Jimmy’s mistress .and what happened to Mary. There were so many story lines to follow .I don’t think after 12 years it will come back .unless net flix decide to make it .please next flix .put us out of our misery .and bout Jimmy

    Comment by Karen | March 14, 2019

  34. Intelligence is a must see. How can you leave us like you did with the end of season 2 and then drop the ball and CANCEL IT? WTF!!!! Best show I seen in a while and you leave the viewing public pulling our hair out just wondering what’s next. Do what yall gotta do to get us season 3 at least.

    Comment by Darryl Byrd | March 16, 2019

  35. Loved watching this on Netflix and hated that it ended. Hopefully we get a Season 3!!!!!

    Comment by Cynthia Funaro | April 16, 2019

  36. I want to know if jimmy survives

    Comment by Sue | April 18, 2019

  37. I really enjoyed the two series of this programme and had hoped there would be one more series but it seems maybe not.

    This is a shame.

    Comment by Hugh Eveleigh | May 25, 2019

  38. Please CBC, bring the show back. It is better than Sopranos and your lack of promotion caused the low ratings. If you don want to continue the serie, then sell it to another station, like HBO, Starz or Hulu Plus.

    This is not fair to your audience!

    Gloria – from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean sea

    Comment by Gloria | July 27, 2019

  39. I am very disappointed that Intelligence got cancelled after 2 seasons. Why is it that all the great series have no finality. If I knew ahead of time it would have a terrible ending I would have never committed my time to this series. Please bring it back.

    Comment by jon | August 4, 2019

  40. loved show!!

    Comment by albert conrad | August 8, 2019

  41. Love the show. Unfortunately, Retro TV has show relegated to 1 am on Sunday Night/Monday Morning, hard to stay awake and Comcast does not offer Retro TV. I watch (when I can) on over the air tv. Is there more Chris Haddock work out there to be seen?

    Comment by TayeC Coles | August 12, 2019

  42. The acting in this series in incredible. Since I’m sure it is based on real government intelligence it was cancelled. We wouldn’t want the public to know what goes on.

    Comment by Donna | August 13, 2019

  43. This is a FANTASTIC series. I’m in the US and have been binge-watching for 2 days — don’t want it to end. Hope exec producers are listening or Netflix continues it bc it is one of the best crime thrillers ever produced. The casting/acting is absolutely fabulous! Up there with Godfather.

    Comment by Stella | August 25, 2019

  44. Just binge-watched INTELLIGENCE. Fantastic series – bring it back. Good writers great cast so sad some good shows get lost in the executives office – they don’t watch anything but money! Start it over and continue the series. even my wife liked it and she hates most crime shows. So well done all around – Say something NETFLIX!

    Comment by Furd | August 26, 2019

  45. I just finished watching the series of INTELLEGENCE. This by far is the best crime series that I have ever watched. Excellent acting and story line. NETFLIX must bring it back.for more than another season.

    Comment by Ron Bilodeau | September 2, 2019

  46. Really enjoyed Intelligence & it needs more. Bring it on! Cast was perfect.

    Comment by Kathy Covington | September 10, 2019

  47. Is it true the Canadian government shut it down. I see that a member of their intelligence was arrested for spying for other governments.

    Comment by Kevin | September 18, 2019

  48. We can’t believe that Season 3 was never made. This show was SO good. The script, the acting, the cast…everything about it was some of the very best we have watched on TV or Netflix. We could not stop watching it. Please make more seasons even though it has been so long – – BRING IT BACK NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Tim and Kathy | September 28, 2019

  49. Please someone pick up the Intelligence series it’s a awesom spy show. CBC has no idea what people want exciting edge of your seat shows like this one is what we crave. I’m tried of family shows (boring), reality shows ( ridiculous). We need shows like intelligence that keep your attention & guessing so tried of the boring crap on tv now. We want this show back.

    Comment by TESSA | December 8, 2019

  50. We just finished watching INTELLIGENCE, season 1 and 2. It was engrossing and informative. Good acting, busy plot line, overall very enjoyable. We thought for sure there would be a season 3, since Jimmy was still breathing after he was shot!! Make it happen, CBC!

    Comment by James Skerratt | December 11, 2019

  51. I have binged on Intelligence and I think it is one of the best ever.
    The characters are perfect.. the plot skillfully laid out.
    CBC should so a season 3 even now!! And back it up with a huge promotion. Nothing on CBC compares.

    Comment by richard k bloom | December 31, 2019

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