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Fedora 9 coming down the line…

Fedora 9 is nearing completion. The final freeze of the code has taken place and the code is almost ready to ship. The 29th of April is the expected release date for this cutting edge Linux distribution.

There is even a preview of the release notes which lets us see what nice features the upgrade has in store for us.

New and improved features

Some of the new and improved features are:

  • installer now has the ability to resize ext2, ext3 and ntfs partitions as well as encrypted partition support
  • Gnome 2.22 which include the Cheese webcam application and improved networked filesystem support
  • NetworkManager 0.7 which adds support for GSM and CDMA cellular connections, multiple devices and ad-hoc networking
  • OpenOffice 2.4 which has some nice new features as seen in this review on OOONinja.com
  • Firefox 3 beta 5 with its improved performance, refined user interface and improved security management
  • PackageKit has become the newest default package management application
  • /sbin/init has been replaced by Upstart which in addition to starting and stopping services can supervise running services for failures and restart them

There are some nice upcoming features. It appears that the move from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 is once again an incremental evolution and maturing of the Fedora platform. There doesn’t appear to be any breakthrough revolutionary changes in the Linux distro but the constant and incremental improvements will continue to be welcomed by Fedora users.

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