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Fredericton Conference Centre / Complex: full steam ahead

I must congratulate Fredericton’s city council for forging ahead with development of a downtown conference centre.

The proposal for a conference centre has been on the books for about 3 years but there has always been some hesitation due to unknown funding support from provincial and federal sources. The provincial government has pledged 5 million dollars towards the project but the federal government has not yet committed any money and in addition, any attempt to get Ottawa on board with the project has been met with excuses and delays.

Finally last Monday (Aug 27th), the city’s council voted to move ahead with the project instead of waiting to get funding from the federal government. I think that it is about time that we stop expecting to have federal involvement in every little project. Sure it is nice to have funding and additional support but it continues to perpetuate New Brunswick’s dependence on the federal government. Also by requiring federal funding, the government du jour in Ottawa effectively has veto power over projects in the province. Projects could be held up or executed based on the whims of the prime minister regardless of whether the project is good for the province or not.

I hope that the convention centre proceeds as planned and is a great success with or without federal government involvement.

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