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Fredericton flood of 2008 – aerial video and photos

Assessing the flood damage

If you are interested in seeing the extent of the damage from the great Fredericton flood of 2008, there are several videos and pictures available on the internet. I will list a few of the better sites and video which show how the Fredericton area has been impacted by this 2008 flood.

Fredericton Flood 2008 videos

May 3rd – 30 minute video (and pictures) from the government of New Brunswick taken from a boat on the river surveying damage in the rural areas of Maugerville and Sheffield.

May 1st – 36 minute aerial video (and associated aerial pictures) from the New Brunswick government of the Fredericton area starting at Lincoln, flying west over the downtown Fredericton area and continuing upstream on the south side over the river to Mactaquac Dam. The video then continues back to Fredericton on the north side of the river and continues downstream to Maugerville before circling back upstream to downtown Fredericton. Unfortunately the video is not of the highest resolution so it often hard to see the flooding particularly in the city except in obvious areas such as the Westmorland street bridge. The last couple of minutes of video however do have a better look at downtown Fredericton and the extent of the flooding. The devastation in the rural areas of Maugerville and Sheffield is readily obvious however.

A YouTube search Fredericton flood for Fredericton also has a few personal videos of the 2008 Fredericton flood from the ground.

On the ground flood pictures

There are several bloggers posting on the ground flood pictures including Charles Leblanc and MacBros.

Some major media sites, in particular the CBC and have also created a section on their site where people can post their own flood pictures and videos.

A Flickr search for “Fredericton flood“also brings up more 1300 photographs taken from various people around the city.

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  1. Thanks for the link Danny.
    It was crazy when I took those pictures that day. It seemed that everybody wanted to have a bit of the flood documented in some way or another.

    They were always talking about the flood of 73′, now it will be of 08′.

    I saw it coming after witnessing the amount of snow we got.

    So far the river is almost back behind it’s bank.

    Now it’s time to dry out and clean up.

    Comment by MacBros | May 7, 2008

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