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GNOME 2.20 Released

Gnome 2.20 the latest version of the popular Linux desktop environment was released today.

GNOME 2.20 Release Notes

Although there is nothing in particular in this release that cries out to me to upgrade immediately, there are definitely some nice improvements such as improvement to gnome-keyring, evince offering interactive PDF forms, performance improvements and improved power management capabilities. There are also a raft of improvements in Evolution and Epiphany but since I use Thunderbird and Firefox, they won’t affect my day to day Gnome usage.

One interesting feature that I did notice was the capability of the screensaver to allow others to leave notes for you when your machine is locked. When you return to your computer GNOME will display any messages that were entered while you were gone. Certainly beats posting sticky notes on somebody’s monitor. Well done.

Congrats to the GNOME team on what looks like a solid release. Now I just need to wait for Fedora 8 to get to play with the new features.

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