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Google Maps adds new terrain view

Last week, Google added a new terrain view to Google Maps.

Google Maps Terrain View

Google has moved the “Hybrid” view to a “Show Labels” option under the satellite view in order to add the terrain view.

Although I appreciate having access to additional data, I find that the terrain view doesn’t show terrain features in enough detail. The Saint John river valley has quite a few hills and valleys but I don’t think that they show up very well in the new map view. Perhaps the elevation data is not detailed enough but I suspect that since the elevation changes are relatively small, they simply do not show up well in the map view. Maybe Google can add an option to exaggerate the elevation as they have implemented in Google Earth. My other preferred choice would be to add an option to the terrain view to add elevation contour lines to the map as on the Elevation Contour mapplet or as on TopoZone.

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