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Google’s Android software stack running on Nokia’s N810

It is being reported by Engadget (via elinux.org) that Google’s Android software stack now runs on Nokia’s N810 internet tablet. Wow!

From the details on elinux’s page, getting Android up and running on the N810 doesn’t appear to be a simple download yet but I’m certain that with time, the process will be quite simple. Since both the N810 OS2008 and Android run on top of Linux, it would seem plausible that Android apps could be run from OS2008 without having to completely reflash the tablet. However, it currently appears that Android requires a specially patched linux kernel which obviously is different from the stock OS2008 kernel.

The Android platform is still immature as an operating system and thus does not have a large amount of applications written for it. If it takes off however, the N810 could leverage that popularity and availability of applications. Having a many devices as possible able to run Android applications also helps Google to solve the chicken and egg problem with attracting a critical mass of users and a critical mass of applications to their OS/platform.

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