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Improvements to Google Webmaster Tools

Today Google updated their Webmaster Tools product and have added some VERY nice improvements.

My favourite new feature is that up to 6 months of historical search query statistics are now available. In addition each search query entry displays the percentage of the top 20 entries that the particular entry represents. This is really helpful in revealing how popular a search query truly is and how important it might be to your site’s traffic. The freshness of the statistics will also be improved with changes in queries and clicks updated constantly (sometimes daily).

All of these new search query statistics are also downloadable for offline analysis. Nice touch!

Not mentioned in Google’s Blog entry but discussed elsewhere are a sitelinks page which will display any sitelinks that Google has created for your site. Another very welcome feature is the providing of improved notification of possible URL duplication, as well as receipts from reported spam links and paid link reports submitted to Google.

Altogether a nice improvement to an already useful webmaster tool.

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