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Improving my blogs visibility

What good is a blog if nobody finds it and reads it? Ok, ok it can be used a medium for self-expression and release, it can also serve as a personal reference but really the idea of a blog (at least this one) is to speak out, express your thoughts to others who hopefully find my viewpoints and experiences interesting.

So with this goal in mind, I started to do a bit of research on search engine optimization and ideas on how to make my blog a little more visible to the world. Having structured my site with my blog as a subdirectory of my main site poses a bit of a challenge because I’m not sure which site to promote. Does it even matter as the ranking for one might just push up the ranking of the other?

I did do a few things in hopes of improving things. I signed up for Google Analytics in order to track my progress in terms of traffic to the site. I had also used webalizer on my server but I thought that also going through the Google Analytics stats couldn’t hurt things.

I also created a sitemap for my blog using the following wordpress plugin: Sitemap generator plugin for WordPress. I had to add my main site page to the sitemap but once that my done, I pointed Google to my new sitemap.xml file from their web administrator tools page.

I have also created a new account for myself and added my blog to Technorati: Technorati Profile. Currently my rank on Technorati is 7,758,595. I’d say that I still have a way to go (at least in the technorati world).

We’ll see how things progress in terms of my rankings and traffic.

Anybody else have any ideas short of hiring spammers. 🙂

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July 8th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Tech | one comment

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  1. Danny,

    The key to technorati is to have folks linking directly to your post so that your authority increases. In terms of acquiring new readers, ik would check around and see who are the popular bloggers in your general area of expertise or hobbies, and then make some insightfull and intelligent comments on their blog. It’s a slow and painfull process but one i believe will work.

    As an aside i’d love to talk to you about your sphinx4 experience so far.

    Thanks and hope this helps

    Comment by Sean Scott | July 22, 2007

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