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June 29th, 2007 : A great day for tech???

The news wires are abuzz today with Apple’s release of their much anticipated iPhone. There are definitely enough Apple fans to make this product at least a moderate success. The fact that it is not using 3G networks, is only currently available in the US and the fact that there is no way to develop any applications for it (besides web pages), may limit its appeal to some people myself included.

On a more exciting note (for me), today is also the release day for Eclipse 3.3 aka Europa . Although it has been available as open source throughout its development, and has been available to use in its various beta stages, it is nice to see a large milestone be achieved. It will be interesting to see what vendors can do with this nice shiny new version. I imagine that a lot of feedback for 3.3 came from vendors such as IBM/Lotus which are building huge applications such as Lotus Notes 8 on it. Now I just need to wait for MyEclipse to release version 6.0 which will support 3.3 so I can completely upgrade to Eclipse 3.3.

The one thing that I am disappointed in the latest Eclipse is the dropping of the Visual Editor component. Netbeans definitely has the advantage here with their Matisse GUI editor and it seems like Eclipse has given up on this entire area of development. Now there are some great commercial GUI design tools such as Instantiations WindowBuilderPro but if the choice is between paying out money for WindowBuilder versus using an inferior though still very capable product such as Netbeans, when doing GUI development most developers will switch over to Netbeans.

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June 29th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Eclipse, Java, Tech | 2 comments


  1. Danny;

    Thanks for mentioning MyEclipse. We expect to have a milestone version of MyEclipse 6.0 available within just a few days, with the GA in late July.

    Also, have you looked at the Matisse4MyEclipse feature? It is not a “Matisse-like” GUI builder, but Matisse itself, which we integrated in cooperation with Sun. As a MyEclipse subscriber, this is a free feature for you to try. More on Matisse4MyEclipse is here.


    Comment by Jens E. | June 29, 2007

  2. Thanks Jens. I’m looking forward to MyEclipse 6.0. Any hints as to what new features might be coming along with Eclipse 3.3 support?

    I hope that the Linux WYSIWYG editing isn’t marked experimental anymore. I have tried Matisse4MyEclipse and I think that Genuitec did a great job with it. I was actually at the unveiling of Matisse4MyEclipse at EclipseCon 2005. My main objection is Matisse itself and it’s need for additional metadata in a .form file as well as the restriction of untouchable code blocks doesn’t sit well with me. Being able to do full round-trip GUI building as Instantiations does in WindowBuilder is the way to go. Unfortunately, the relatively high price of WindowsBuilder prevents the average Joe from adopting it.

    I think that Eclipse needs a free and capable GUI builder ala Visual Editor to properly compete with NetBeans in the IDE “wars”. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Eclipse has tons of other things going for it such as Myelyn and ECF as well as a much better editing and coding experience but there will continue to be some migration over to other IDEs when GUI creation is required.

    Comment by danny | June 29, 2007

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