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Modest – New maemo email client

Word has it that a new email client is being developed by Nokia for the maemo platform which is used on the N800 and 770 Internet tablets. According to Murray Cummin, the new client will use Tinymail under the covers which itself uses a modified version of Camel which is the library that Evolution uses for mail access. This is great since it is building on a mature and tested library instead of starting from scratch.

Modest is intended to be small, trim and fast. One item of note that I particularly like is the preconfigured presets for popular mail services such as Yahoo and Gmail. Any attempt to reduce typing is much appreciated.

Another plus for Modest is the UI design decision to not require a stylus to use. I fully endorse this decision and I wish more apps would be designed with this possibility in mind. If I can select something or perform a task without having to use a stylus, then I am a much happier camper. Using a stylus (especially being a lefty) is a pain though I do appreciate that it has its advantages.

See the Modest homepage and Dirk-Jan-Binnema’s slides for more info.

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