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Mozilla based browser for maemo and Nokia N800

Nokia has released a Mozilla based browser engine for the N800 internet tablet device and the maemo platform.

Mozilla based browser for maemo

To install the new browser engine from the N800 go to this URL : http://repository.maemo.org/extras/dists/3.2/install/microb-browser.install

This will install a new application repository and then install the Mozilla engine.

I must admit that I was confused after finishing the installation because there was no Mozilla icon added to the menus and no obvious way to launch the new “browser”. It turns out that the web browser UI is the same as the standard Opera browser but is simply the rendering engine that is swapped out. So one simply needs to start the web browser as usual and you will be using Mozilla. A new menu option in the browser allow selection of which rendering engine to use.

After a limited amount of time using the new engine, I would have to say that I am impressed. I didn’t experience any major hiccups or glaring problem with this beta product. The codebase for this engine is the Mozilla 1.9 branch which is what the upcoming Firefox 3 (which is still in alpha) will be based on so as the Firefox release approaches and the trunk code quality improves, the N800 version should greatly improve as well.

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