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MyEclipse and Hibernate

I started doing some Hibernate work this week using MyEclipse 6.0 M1 on Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) and I ran into a problem with signed jars which showed the error message:

signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package

Apparently JAR are now being signed in 6.0 but cglib and hibernate3 jar files were not supposed to be excluded. The end result is that I can grab older versions of the jars or unjar them, remove the signatures and rejar them.

The other option is to wait until MyEclipse 6.0 GA is released. This release is scheduled for mid-August which means “any day now”. Maybe it will be out this weekend.

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August 18th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Eclipse, Java, Tech | 3 comments


  1. Danny;

    MyEclipse 6.0 GA will be available within the next couple of business days.

    Jens – MyEclipse

    Comment by Jens E | August 18, 2007

  2. Thanks Jens.

    I’m looking forward to it. Any chance the Linux WYSIWYG editor will “production ready”?


    Comment by Danny | August 18, 2007

  3. Danny;

    There are still some stability problems with the Linux version, so users will have to run with -Dlinux.experimental=true. The full improvement on the Linux version is slated for an upcoming release, but due to some other feature enhancements this fix was bumped back following the 6.0 GA. It will come! 🙂

    Conversely, the JSF Designer is available with no problem, so JSF WYSIWYG design is not an issue.

    In the GA, you will find many other productivity enhancements that are available “out of the box” to help speed deployment and editing tasks. I would welcome your honest impressions of 6.0 on your blog as you get into the meat of it over the next week or so. Who knows… there could even be a t-shirt in it for you. 😉

    Feel free to visit the forums for updates on any of these outstanding issues, as they will be updated/manned more consistently than my blog commentary. 🙂


    Comment by Jens E | August 18, 2007

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