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Nokia N810 price drop… but not in Canada

Looking to buy an N810?

The Nokia N810 internet tablet has had a price drop in certain countries. Unfortunately Canada isn’t one of those locations… yet.

$90 drop in Nokia N810 price… for some

There were rumours the Internet Tablet Talk forums that the price for the N810 was going to drop from $479 to $289 on the nokiausa online store. Alas, the rumours were indeed too good to be true but the price did drop to $389 temporarily before jumping back up to $439. Perhaps the temporary price drop was intended to be a one day sale or maybe it was simply an error.

Meanwhile, the Canadian price at the nokia.ca online store is still marked as the original $485 CAD. Hopefully we will see a $50 dollar drop soon in order to match the US pricing.

15% discount promo code

There is a way of getting the N810 cheaper however. When placing an order at nokia.ca, there is an entry for a “promo code”. There are several valid promo codes available with a few being: “dailysourcecode”, “scenezine”. These promo codes give a 15% discount on the purchase price which brings the purchase price from $485 to $412.25. There appears to be a deadline for these promo codes of April 15th so I wouldn’t hesitate too long. Having the extra $50 off and the 15% off would be really sweet though. Hopefully we will see a price drop soon.

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