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Nokia N810 released

The Nokia N810 internet tablet was announced today. The successor to the N800 adds quite a few features including:

  • a slide out keyboard
  • an integrated GPS and associated map program
  • a slightly faster processor (400 MHz vs. the N800’s 330 MHz)
  • an ambient light sensor
  • a smaller form factor

As previously guessed, it will ship with Maemo 4.0 (Chinook) which is now in beta. Some of these features will also be available on the N800, when the updated ChinookOS ships.

The N810 is scheduled to be available in mid-November with an MSRP of $479 USD.

Now if only Nokia would not forget about us techies in Canada and allow us to buy the units here without having to make a trip to the US for one. I don’t expect them to be available at every corner store but if Nokia Canada would sell them directly, I would be happy.

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October 17th, 2007 Posted by Danny D'Amours | Android/Mobile, Tech | 2 comments


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