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Nokia N830 sighting – is it a WiMax N810 or is it something more?

A new N-series Internet Tablet is born

Tablet-guru.com has a possibly leaked picture of what appears to be a Nokia N830. There appears to be some speculation that this is the new internet tablet from Nokia and that it will be introduced at the CTIA Wireless event at the beginning of April. There hasn’t been any details made available via the FCC so we may still have to wait a while to find out.

The Nokia N830 could simply be the previously announced WiMax enabled internet tablet. If so, is there any other differences from the N810? Did they take the GPS out of the N810 to make room for the WiMax module? It will be interesting to see although since WiMax is not available in Canada nor have I heard any plans for WiMax deployments in Canada the appeal of the N830 would be pretty limited for me.

Could the N830 be something more?

This might be a stretch but perhaps the Nokia N830 is something unexpected. Certain people (including myself) have been wishing for the addition of phone capabilities to the N800 and N810. By bundling phone capabilities, the N810/N830 could compete with the iPhones and Blackberries of the world. Could this be the device that answers those wishes?

If so this could be the gauntlet falling at the feet of Apple and the iPhone…..

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