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One step closer to a fully open source JDK

As I have discussed before, we are slowly getting close to a fully open source JDK. We have taken two more steps earlier this month with new releases of GNU’s Classpath and IcedTea.

IcedTea 1.4 Released! « Lillian’s Blog

From the release notes:

* Updated to OpenJDK b21 build (README and INSTALL updated accordingly).
* Now using SSL/Crypto support included in b21, OpenSSL certs still read directly.
* TZdata fix: uses System timezone data.
* Memory issue fix: maximum PermGen space set to 128M and MaxHeap to 512M.
* Xinerama fix: uses system installed library instead.
* DebugInfo fix: generates full debuginfo, regardless of optimization.
* Fixed JConsole crash.
* Several other bug fixes (http://icedtea.classpath.org/bugzilla/).


GNU Classpath 0.96 released

From the ClassPath release notes:
* New experimental GStreamer javax.sound peer (see README.gstreamer)
* The JNI interface has been updated to 1.6
* Better support for the OpenJDK javac compiler
* Support for using javah via tools.zip and com.sun.tools.javah.Main
* Much improved Escher AWT peers
* Many bug fixes including improvements to AWT and Swing support

We are getting closer…..

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