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Open Government Initiative

The federal Liberal government has recently released a party initiative designed to open up and add transparency to government.

The Open Government Initiative will

  • restore the long-form census reversing the unpopular move by the current Harper conservative government to cut the census
  • make as many government datasets as possible available to the public starting with Statistics Canada
  • make available online access to information requests, government grants, contributions and contracts

This move is following a major trend in other countries such as the United States and the UK as well as municipal governments such as Vancouver which have adopted similar open government policies.

As noted by Micheal Geist and Elizabeth Judge note, there may be some complications implementing some of these proposed ideas due to legislation such as the Crown copyright which would also need to be changed in order to allow unrestricted access to government data and reports.

I love the initiative and would be interested to see similar policies from the other major federal parties.

See also : http://danny.damours.net/wordpress/free-and-open-government-information-online-how-about-it-canada

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