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Saint John, NB – Number 3 shipping port

I learned something new while glancing over Statistics Canada report on Canadian port activity. Saint John, NB is number three after Vancouver, BC and Come-by-Chance, NF.

Now I was not at all surprised by Vancouver taking first place especially since it is the only major Canadian port on the west coast and as such it handle a large percentage of Canada’s Asian trade. I was however quite surprised at numbers Come-by-Chance and Saint John taking second and third place. I would have expected that Halifax (which came in 11th) and Montreal (which came in 5th) to take the top two spots.

The ranking order of the ports are based on pure tonnage and not actual value of shipments which would probably change the order. I believe that more high value goods and containers are shipped through ports such as Halifax and Montreal. Come-by-Chance tonnage is almost exclusively oil shipments for import and export. Granted Saint John does export a fair bit of bulk commodities such as wood, pulp and potash but most of the traffic is comprised of crude oil and related shipments (I am guessing more than 80% based on the port’s annual report). It is also interesting to note that a large percentage of top eastern ports have either a refinery or an oil trans-shipment facility.

I still helps to demonstrate the point that Eastern Canada imports a lot of its oil from other countries and overseas.

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