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Silver Wave Film Festival 2007 screenings announced

The Silver Wave Film Festival has announced its list of screenings for this year’s festival which takes place November 8 -11, 2007. There are quite a few New Brunswick producers and productions. Unfortunately most of the NB entries are shorter flicks but the opening gala on Thursday night does feature the film “They Didn’t Make It” which was directed by Joel Thompson and shot right here in Fredericton.

Based on the New Brunswick Film Co-operative website, there appears to be a lot of film activity going on in the province. Nice to see. Now we just need to attract (or create) some major motion pictures.

I have yet to decide what screenings that I will try to attend. I’m favouring the shorts right now because there seems to be a lot of interesting short films there and there is also a large variety. The opening gala of They Didn’t Make It is also sounding appealing.

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