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Skype for the Nokia N800 is here

Yesterday Nokia released a new Nokia N800 firmware. As previously discussed, this update includes Skype (voice only). It also includes Flash version 9 which opens up a lot of websites to viewing including YouTube.

I’ve tried out the echo service with Skype and it seems to work pretty well. We will see how it works under different wireless conditions. I’m curious about how long it might take to get video support into this version of Skype. Since the N800 is effectively running Linux, I am guessing that we will see video support in the Linux version first. As for the Linux version of Skype, the new beta version is working pretty well for me on my Fedora 7 laptop. Hopefully integration of video won’t be too far down the line.

Now there’s a question of getting more of my friends on Skype…..

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