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SwingX 0.9.0 released!

Almost two years in the making (since November 18, 2005), the advanced Java Swing component project SwingX has been released.

The project has been advancing over the last two years slowly adding and refining the included Swing components however it appears that nobody was willing to commit to a release. There was talk about having to do code reviews and eliminating all Priority 1 bugs before a release could be made. I’m not certain what happened but I am glad to see that a release had been made.

It is much easier to convince a group to use a release version (even a beta one) such as 0.9.0 than a weekly build which may or may not be in a stable state. At least there is some comfort that the 0.9.0 version has had a bit more of a shakedown and can now serve as a reference point for bug reporting and for building on top of.

Some of the components are enhanced versions of standard Swing components such as JXTable which is an enhanced version of a JTable, JXLabel, JXDialog, JXList and JXPanel. Along with the listed enhanced components, SwingX also includes other completely new components such as JXTreeTable, JXLoginPanel and JXDatePicker.
Hopefully with a release people will be more comfortable about using these SwingX components along with some of the other SwingLabs projects in order to come up with some really nice applications.

More info at the SwingLabs website and the SwingX wiki.

Update: SwingLabs has released SwingX version 0.9.1

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