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SwingX 0.9.1 released

After a drought of a few years, SwingX released version 0.9.0.  Less than a month later, SwingX released version 0.9.1.

There appears to be a renewed energy around the project with 75 issues resolved, refactoring of the API and added functionality; all within a month.

Major changes listed in the release notes:

  • JXLoginPanel has been renamed to JXLoginPane has added Caps Lock notification
  • JXTaskPaneContainer now plays nicer with InternalFrames
  • JXMultiSplitPane now shows nice dividers

Also, some components have been renamed to improve consistency (from the SwingX forum)

  • All Addons dropped JX.
  • JXCollapsiblePane.JCollapsibleContainer -> JXCollapsiblePane.
  • CollapsibleContainerJXDatePickerFormatter and JXDatePickerFormatterFactory drop JX.
  • JXLoginPanel, LoginPanelUI, BasicLoginPanelUI, and (JX)LoginPanelAddon all became LoginPane, dropping the “l”. This includes usages in the UIDefaults, so the keys have changed for all L&F implementors.
  • AquaLnFPopupLocationFix -> MacOSXPopupLocationFix

Hopefully we will see 0.9.2 (or version 1.0?) with even more improvements and momentum soon.

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