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The Irving – Brunswick News soap opera continues

My previous post on the case of Irving / Brunwick News vs. the former Bugle-Observer publisher WilliamKenneth Langdon stated that the case would be brought to court on October 19th.

According to the CBC, at the course case the judge ruled that affidavits entered into evidence by Mr. Langdon were inadmissible the case. Brunswick News is asking for an injunction which prevents Kenneth Langdon from approaching Bugle-Observer customers, employees or advertisers on behalf of his newspaper. Now I’m not exactly clear what an injunction specifies but would it also prevent Langdon’s co-workers from approaching customers and advertisers? If so, considering the limited amount of advertisers and customers in the Woodstock and Upper Saint John valley, it would severely limit and ability of the Carleton Free Press to compete. On the other hand, could it not backfire and encourage customers to stop being customers or advertisers in the Brunswick owned Bugle-Observer in order to advertise or become customers of the new Carleton Free Press?

The soap opera takes another twist as Brunswick News threatens to sue the CBC over publishing details of the affidavits which discuss some shady anti-competitive business practices. Brunswick News claims that the statement are untrue and thus defamatory.

The injunction which Brunswick News is seeking is still pending a continuation of the trial on Friday the 26th of October.

Whatever way this turns out, if Ken Langdon’s Carleton Free Press does ever get published it will have had a lot of free upfront publicity!

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