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The Nokia N800: Better Without a Phone? – I don’t think so…

Daniel Gentleman from Thoughtfix posted a vlog entry about the Nokia N800 and why he thinks that the next revision of the N800 Internet Tablet shouldn’t include phone capabilities. He does make some valid points about the additional costs pushing the price of the unit higher. Some other users seem to have similar opinions.

I, however would like to see a phone built into the N800 successor. When going out, I have to choose between carrying two devices or leaving one at home. The need to carry an additional device around for phone connectivity and “always connected” internet means that more often than not, the N800 stays put which is really unfortunate. It isn’t often that I use a cell phone but one of my biggest frustrations with the N800 is the lack of open access points to connect. Having a 3G module in the Internet tablet means having a constantly connected device in one box. As a side effect you could receive and place calls on it.

Now the last thing that I want to see is a device that is only useful if it has been activated by a carrier(ala iPhone) but an optional 3G card to provide extra functionality would be great to have.

Now if only Nokia Canada would sell them…… 🙂

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