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Two month review and future goals

It has been about two months now that I installed Google Analytics and started concentrating a bit more on the blog. Although there have been a couple of dry spells in postings while I went to PEI for a couple of days of vacation in July and had some more vacation at home in August, things have been going pretty well.

Some stats for July 1st to Sept 1st according to Google Analytics:

  • 290 Visits (237 absolute unique) from 37 countries
  • 4 visits per day average with a max of 36 one day
  • 464 Pageviews (400 Unique)
  • 45% of traffic from search engines (mainly Google)
  • Nearly 40% from referral sites (mainly technorati and digg)

Extrapolating to the end of the year that makes about 900 visitors and 1400 page views.

My goals for the end of the year is to have 2000 visits and about 5000 page views which means that I’d better get more traffic somehow. I guess I will need to write some good articles in order to get more traffic here or maybe just have a little bit of luck.

As for Adsense adverts, with less than $1 earned, I won’t be getting my $100 cheque anytime soon….

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