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Updating a N810 to Diablo (OS2008 aka maemo 4.1)

Upgrading to Diablo

Although it has been out for a while, I just recently had the opportunity to update to the latest OS 2008 (4.2008.23-14) which is based on maemo 4.1 codenamed Diablo.

No more flash upgrades thanks to SSU

Maemo 4.1 introduces a new feature called Seamless Software Update (SSU) which drastically changes how operating system updates will be performed in the future. Previously when a new update was released, the N810 needed to re-flashed with the updated OS version. This effectively completely wiped out the contents of the device and it was necessary for users to restore or reinstall previously installed applications.

Once maemo 4.1 is flashed onto an N810, SSU allows in place OS updates without having to re-flash. Users also get a notification of possible updates on their home screen as well as in the application manager. This is in contrast to previously where tablet users had to navigate through Nokia’s site to find OS updates.

By having this new update capability on the mobile devices, Nokia intends to release smaller, more focused updates on a more regular basis. For example instead of waiting for major updates to several components in order to have a full OS release, it will be possible to Nokia to push a new browser update independently from other updates. In fact, on August 11th, Nokia did just that and released the first SSU update which included updates for the web browser and the email client.

Other OS2008 updates

In addition to SSU, the latest OS 2008 update also includes a new email client based on the open source Modest and tinymail project. Although not fully featured as something as large as evolution, Modest appears to be a decent email client. It has support for multiple accounts and built in support for some webmail sites. Modest is also designed to be a compact and fast mail client even reportedly being faster than Gmail’s web interface. I’ll have to dig in a bit deeper and use Modest a lot more before making any judgements on it.

Update your tablet’s OS

For instructions on updating your internet tablet see: http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware

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