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VMware MVP Mobile Virtualization

Not content to have the dominant position in the data center virtualization market with its VMware Infrastructure products including the widely used ESX, VMWare strikes out on another platform : mobile devices.

Virtualizing mobile devices

VMware MVP(Mobile Virtualization Platform) is a product which allow mobile operating systems to be virtualized. A small piece of code (about 20k) is run on a mobile device which effectively virtualizes the resources of the device allowing other operating systems to run on the virtualized hardware.

As Ars Technica describes, VMWare demoed a Nokia N800 running Google’s Android as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS. Although there is some obvious overhead and performance penalties to virtualizing hardware on a mobile device (as on a server or desktop), freeing your mobile device to run the OS of your choice could prove quite valuable.

Currently VMware supports Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0, Linux 2.6.x (which would include Maemo and Android), Symbian 9.x, eCos, µITRON NORTi and µC/OS-II. It does not appear to be available for sale yet but you can contact VMware to get more information on MVP.

The future?

Although it is fairly new and probably rough around the edges, perhaps VMware MVP will get rolled into VMware Workstation 7.0 which would allow developers to easily access multiple mobile platforms for ease of development and testing.

Now if they could only emulate the iPhone and Blackberry using MVP. Then you would truly be able to use the hardware and software combination that suits YOU best.

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