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Web site visibility down the drain???

After attempting to get my site some visibility via search engines and good web practices, I noticed that last week my traffic seemed to die down somewhat (not that there was THAT much traffic to start off with). This coincided somewhat with my change of WordPress themes so I began by looking at that and noticed that all of the page titles for my article pages (single.php) has the WordPress theme name Andreas04 as a title. What the…. ?? I changed that to the blog name as I believe it was in the default theme and thought nothing more of it.

With my traffic still down, I decided to dig a bit more. I read up on Google’s pagerank algorithm (Wikipedia – PageRank). I also started to examine the rankings of some Google queries which should bring back my website and blog. I noticed that my rss feed was being ranked higher than my articles which is definitely NOT what I want to see. I also found that some of my posts were indexed under Google supplemental index.

After reading a bit, I found that Google will put content there if it is duplicate content or blog spam of some kind. My only guess is that the various links to content such as the rss feed, the category pages, the archive pages as well as the pages themselves are being recognized by Google as duplicate content even though it is simply multiple paths to access the same content. I crafted up a robots.txt in order to prevent Google and other engines from indexing articles in multiple ways. We will now have to see if my rankings and my traffic improve.

Always learning….

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