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WordPress 2.3.2 released and WordPress Version 2.5 (aka WordPress 2.4) – Planned features

WordPress 2.3.2 was released a few days ago (December 29th). Although it is mainly a bugfix release, it does add a feature which allow you to define a custom DB error page. This would allow your site to fail more gracefully if your database became unavailable for some reason. Version 2.3.2 will also no longer display any database details upon failure as this could be used to aid an attack.

It appears that version 2.4 of WordPress which was set to be released January 24th has been pushed back to March will now be known as WordPress 2.5. Judging from the feature list, the biggest feature and the most work is in a newly revamped admin interface. Personally I’m not too excited about an updated admin interface as I’m pretty happy with the current interface. Password and cookies will also be handled differently in 2.4 2.5 so that server-side cookie expiration and generally make password and cookie handling more secure. In addition there are little performance and security improvements and bugfixes slated for the next release.

A good way to keep up to date on WordPress development and news is through the feed at http://planet.wordpress.org/.

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