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WordPress 2.6 Released – New features and gotchas

Almost a month ahead of schedule (how often do you hear that in the software world!), WordPress 2.6 (codename Tyner) has been released.

WordPress 2.6 New Features

Some of the new features include:

  • Tracking and diffs of previous edits of posts which allows authors to get full histories of posts and pages. This could be really handy when multiple authors collaborate on posts.
  • Updated and improved Press It bookmarklets which had been unfortunately removed entirely from WordPress 2.5. In addition to providing an easy to create a post about a web page at specific URL, the updated ‘Press It’ bookmarklet will allow extract photos from web pages and even embed scripts for some videos such as YouTube videos.
  • Ability to perform a theme preview before activating a new theme on a blog
  • Google Gears support WordPress
  • Security enhancements

Below is a video demonstrating the latest new features in WordPress 2.6.

Problems upgrading WordPress blogs to 2.6

When I upgraded my WordPress installs, I couldn’t log back into the blog. After entering my username and password, I received the message: “Please log in again.“. I ended up having to delete my blog’s cookies in my browser. This appears to be due to the fact that WordPress 2.6 has changed how cookies are handled in order to make WP more secure.

Another issue which I encountered was that my permalinks were broken. The home page would render fine but any of my posts would come up blank (though my sidebars still rendered properly). Oddly, my other blog did not encounter this issue. It turns out that WordPress 2.6 has an issue with permalinks which include index.php in them. For some odd reason back in the WP 2.2 timeframe, including index.php was the only way in which I could get permalinks to work which is why it index.php is in my permalink structure. Suggested fix 2 which is ensuring that the category and tag base are not empty seems to be working for me.

Smooth sailing…

With these two problems resolved however, everything appears to have upgraded properly and WordPress 2.6 seems to be humming along nicely.

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