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Year end blog traffic stats and 2008 goals

As mentioned in my two month review and goals, I had set my year end goal to be 2000 visits and 5000 pageviews so here is a recap of my year end (July 1st – December 31st) traffic stats as per Google Analytics to see if I met my goals.

  • 3647 visits (3262 absolute unique) from 97 countries – 1377 from Canada and 938 from the US
  • Average 19.82 visits per day through it has been closer to 40 over the last two months and a spike of 282 visits on October 3oth as two stories made http://dzone.com front page
  • 5600 Pageviews (4832 Unique)
  • 1.54 average pageviews
  • 57% of traffic from search engines (near 97% from Google) and 37% from referring site
  • 56% of visits were made using Firefox while 32% came from Internet Explorer – having a lot of Linux related content probably skews this figure quite a bit
  • 70% Windows, 19% Linux and 10% Mac
  • 96% of visitors had Java support (Google Analytics doesn’t report Java versions)

It appears that I met my goals (unless you want to get picky with the unique pageviews). I’m quite happy with my blog’s progress over the last six months but I certainly don’t intended on slacking now that the year is through. I need some new challenges and new goals.

How about 50000 visits and 100000 pageviews? That is a large jump in traffic from what I am getting now so it is a stretch goal but one article on the digg front page can quickly get me to my goal. Always have something to shoot for, right?

One of the things that I am happiest about my blog is how much it has taught me about web design, WordPress and search engine optimization. I’ll get to some of my lessons learned in a future post.

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